Tammy Amos

Title: Director of Transportation Engineering
Phone: 336-612-8037 or 336-623-7789, ext 3012
Tammy Amos

Tammy started working for the City of Eden in October of 1995. She is a graduate of Morehead High School. After joining the Engineering Department, she received the North Carolina Roads Scholar Certification after completing the North Carolina Roads Scholar Program at North Carolina State University, which included studies in roadway, stormwater, drainage, soil, and asphalt pavement maintenance and construction. Tammy oversees and manages the City's Street Resurfacing Program and also has experience in GPS surveying, ArcGIS, and CAD. 

Tammy is a member of Osborne Baptist Church and serves in the preschool department. On her off time, she enjoys golfing, biking, and motorcycling with her husband Steve.

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