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John E Grogan Park


  1. Food Cart
  2. Gazebo
  3. Movie Screen
  4. Outdoor Art
  5. Water Elements
  6. WiFi
John Grogan was no ordinary man. His legacy should be as interesting and full of life as he was. Our vision for the John E Grogan Park will memorialize our friend and embody the spirit of his public service.

Located among the beautiful trees on the grounds of City Hall, this five-acre Park will be a gathering place that serves as a beautiful Center of the City. It will offer a variety of outdoor venues featuring an attractive gazebo where weddings and the performing arts can be showcased in style and where there is a movie screen for enjoying summer nights on the lawn.

People will experience both culture and nature surrounded by original outdoor art - some crafted by local hands, some inspired by our local heritage. There will be water elements that add vitality to the park and echo one of Eden's most prized resources, its rivers. The Park will be a place to spend a lunch hour, grabbing a quick bite from the food cart, finding a quiet spot to tune into Wi-Fi, read, or enjoy a noon concert.

Serving as a hallmark of the community, the Park will be a place to take our visitors, a place that will become a destination. It will be the heart of our city and it will honor Johnny Grogan, who always had a very special place in his heart for Eden and its people.

To make this happen, we need your support. Johnny loved nothing more than cutting ribbons on new ventures, watching dreams take shape, seeing Eden grow. Help make it possible to cut the ribbon for the John E Grogan Park.

Donations are tax-deductible.

If you would like to donate online using a credit or debit card, please use the link above. You may also respond to the City of Eden c/o Brad Corcoran at:
P.O. Box 70
Eden, NC 27289-0070

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