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Posted on: October 11, 2018

City Manager's Report- October 2018

Cover - city managers report

City Manager’s Report – October 2018


Citizens Academy Update

The 2018 Citizen’s Academy got underway on August 16 and will continue until graduation during the October City Council meeting scheduled for October 16. The remaining schedule is as follows:


October 11:                 Finance & Human Resources Department

October 16:                 City Council Meeting - Graduation 


The fifteen participants graduating from the 2018 Citizens Academy include: Carol Bailey, Chris Burns, Nicole Burns, Heather Castle, Andrea Fox, Angela Fowler, Sherry Hall, Tanya Harris, Michael Hutchinson, Jon Land, JeSie Morris, Norma Purcell, Jeffrey Starnes, Clara Ann Williams and Karen Williams. We appreciate our fellow citizens taking their time to learn more about how their city operates. Information about next year’s academy will be available in June.

Sidewalk Assessment Policy

Have you wanted to explore the feasibility of having sidewalk installed on your road?  On January 21, 2003, the Eden City Council adopted an assessment policy for the installation of new sidewalks. The minimum criteria for sidewalk installation projects shall not be less than an entire street length between intersections and shall extend to the terminus of the existing infrastructure, if any. In addition, more than 50% of the adjacent property owners must sign a petition requesting the sidewalk extension and if the property deed is registered in more than one name, all owners mist sign the petition. Also, property owners that own more than one parcel must sign for each parcel of land adjacent to the proposed sidewalk. The cost of extension will usually be assessed based on street frontage and the North Carolina General Statutes sets the requirements for assessments. Once presented with a qualifying petition, the City Council “may,” decide to participate in a portion of the funding. Eden, like many communities, has traditionally paid for 50% of the project and assessed the citizens adjacent to the improvements for the remaining 50%. Traditionally, the City pays for the improvements up front and then the property owners make 5 equal annual payments with an interest rate established by the City Council. During the FY 2018-19 budget process the City Council investigated the feasibility and costs associated with installing sidewalks in three large neighborhoods/areas. They included:


 14,734.40 linear feet of sidewalk in the Grand Oaks area (20 different street sections) at a projected total cost of $1,473,439.90.

 11,437.09 linear feet of sidewalk in the New Street area (25 different street sections) at a projected total cost of $1,143,709.18.

 7,900.67 linear feet of sidewalk in the Harris and Klyce Streets area (14 different street sections) at a projected total cost of $790,067.23


As you can see, the installation of sidewalks is an expensive endeavor. However, if you are interested in exploring the feasibility of having a new sidewalk installed along your road the sidewalk assessment policy should be used as a guide. For more information concerning our sidewalk assessment policy please contact Kelly Stultz, Director of Planning and Inspections at


Economic & Tourism Development Department

Southern Virginia Mega Site at Berry Hill


The Southern Virginia Mega Site at Berry Hill (formerly referred to as the Berry Hill Regional Mega Park) has earned Tier 4 certification. Tier 4 certification means the land is graded and utilities like water and sewer lines are already in place or will be soon. The Virginia Department of Commerce and Trade Secretary Brian Ball recently stated the risks to a client are reduced if the site is in “ready to go” condition as happens with this certification. The certification comes from the Virginia Economic Development Partnership's Virginia Business Ready Sites program.

The Mega Site is only the seventh Tier 4 site in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Having utilities in place makes a site more attractive to potential users because the time is lessened for project development. 

In late September, a second company signed a purchase agreement for a 179-acre parcel at the site with a projected investment of $200 million for its project. The agreement allows the company to have an initial 6 – month due diligence period followed by three, 12 – month options. 


The water line installation schedule for Eden to run water to the state line for the Southern Virginia Mega Site at Berry Hill is as follows: 


            Milestone                                                                    Date

            Preliminary Engineering Report                                 February of 2017

            Revised Environmental Review Submittal                 February of 2018

            Bid and Design Package Submittal                            September of 2018

            Bid and Design Package Approval                             January of 2019

            (EDA, NC DENR and NC Dept. of Health)

            Advertise and Receive Bids                                        February of 2019

            Authorization to Award Bid                                       March of 2019

            Execute Construction Contract                                   March of 2019

            Construction Completion                                            September of 2020


In the recently approved state budget the NC General Assembly included $1,000,000 in funding for Eden to use towards this project. Special thanks to Senator Phil Berger for his efforts and support in obtaining these funds for our community. As previously noted, more than half of the water line construction costs will be covered by grants.



L. Powell Furniture

This Eden company imports furniture and sells through Wayfair, Home Depot and, etc. About 1/3 of their business is done by e-commerce. They operate Sunday-Friday. Employment ranges from 50-65 people. Employment opportunities exist for office workers. 


UNC Rockingham Healthcare (from the Triad Business Journal)

UNC Rockingham Health Care’s six physician practices in Eden and western Rockingham County have become part of the UNC Physician’s Network. The practices involved in the transition have changed their names as follows: 


·        UNC Family Medicine at Eden (formerly Morehead Family Practice)

·        UNC Neurosurgery at Eden (formerly Morehead Neurospine)

·        UNC Orthopedics & Sports Medicine at Eden (formerly Morehead Orthopedic Center)

·        UNC Surgical Specialists at Eden (formerly Piedmont Surgical Associates)

·        UNC Urgent Care—West Rockingham (formerly Morehead Urgent Care West)

·        UNC Women’s Health at Eden (formerly Women’s Health Center)


UNC Rockingham Heath Care, formerly Morehead Memorial Hospital, became UNC Health Care’s 13th affiliated hospital in January of this year. 


Industry Bus Tour-Postponed

A rescheduled tour is planned for October 29 after the originally scheduled September 28 date was designated a regular school day to make up for the lost school days due to hurricane Florence. This is designed to familiarize Morehead High School teachers and counselors of the employment opportunities with local industry.  

Update on SGRTEX 

In my City Manager’s report for May 2018 I noted that SGRTEX had entered into a partnership with a global textile firm and that “it may resume operations in the next several months”.  Unfortunately, SGRTEX has not reopened. We were optimistic in May 2018 because representatives from the City of Eden and Rockingham County were being told by representatives from SGRTEX that they fully intended to resume their operations and that they had entered into a partnership with a global textile firm.  


Since their closure I have been asked about the status of the Performance Agreement between SGRTEX, Rockingham County and the City of Eden. I have also been asked about the status of the $750,000 in CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funds from the NC Department of Commerce that was received for the benefit of SGRTEX.


On November 18, 2014 the City Council voted to approve a performance agreement that included the City of Eden, Rockingham County and SGRTEX LLC. Specifically, the City Council voted to appropriate from the General Fund an amount not to exceed $555,853.79 in the form of incentive payments that could have been paid over a series of years after the industry paid its annual taxes and as long as they met the established parameters outlined in the performance agreement. As you may be aware, performance agreement payments do not come from the annual taxes paid by other city taxpayers. These funds come from the annual taxes paid by the specific industry and NO payment is ever made until the taxes are paid. In addition, prior to any payment being made, the Rockingham County Department of Economic Development confirms and verifies the new machinery/equipment investment and new job creation parameters for all of the industrial performance agreements that include both Rockingham County and the City of Eden.

The $555,853.79 was not appropriated on November 18, 2014 into any specific budgetary line item. Eden budgets for performance agreement payments on an annual basis in the General Fund Special Appropriations budget in line item #10-9920-71001. Due to SGRTEX’s failure to meet their contractual obligations, the City only made one performance agreement payment in the amount of $63,865.01 for Phase I (payment 1 of 4) on June 15, 2017. The $75,469 in performance agreement payment funds included in the FY 2017-18 budget for Phase I (payment 2 of 4) were not paid because SGRTEX failed to fulfill its contractual obligations. If you have taken a look at the current FY 2018-19 budget you will note that it includes $75,469 in performance agreement payment funds for Phase I (payment 3 of 4) and $63,595 in performance agreement payment funds for Phase II (payment 1 of 4). This was done in the event SGRTEX resumed operations and met its contractual obligations. Again, when the FY 2018-19 budget was prepared and adopted in the spring of 2018, officials from SGRTEX were informing representatives with the City and Rockingham County that it fully intended to resume its operations and fulfill all of their contractual obligations. Obviously, we knew if they failed to do so, the payments included in the current FY 2018-19 budget would not be expended, just like FY 2017-18.  

The City also received $750,000 in CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funds from the NC Department of Commerce …“for construction purposes and other rehabilitation of the building…”.  The City received $541,096.00 in the FY 2014-15 budget year and $208,904.00 in the FY 2015-16 budget year.  These funds were placed in the Community Development Block Grant Fund (a Special Revenue Fund) in line item #22-3329-35000 NC Department of Commerce – SGRTEX.  We paid SGRTEX $541,096.00 on June 11, 2014 and $208,904.00 on September 3, 2015.  The expenses were shown in the Community Development Block Grant Fund (a Special Revenue Fund) in line item #22-4135-5000 Building Reuse Grant Expenditures – SGRTEX. 


The December 19, 2014 loan agreement with an expiration date of December 14, 2019 between the City of Eden and SGRTEX concerning these funds indicated that SGRTEX would not have to make any repayment of these funds if all of the terms and conditions of the loan agreement were complied with. However, in the event of noncompliance, SGRTEX would owe a pro-rated repayment amount. The City of Eden has not forgiven this loan, has not received any loan payments from SGRTEX, and has a deed of trust on properties owned by SGRTEX that we are planning to enforce due to SGRTEX failing to fulfill the requirements of the loan agreement. We are very grateful to Ms. Sharon McDuffie of LKC Engineering, PLLC for her work in administering the CDBG 13-E-2618/SGRTEX Building Reuse Project on behalf of the City. She worked closely with representatives from the NC Department of Commerce and oversaw compliance, recordkeeping and reporting. Despite the loan agreement with SGRTEX remaining in effect until December 19, 2019 the CDBG grant was closed by the NC Department of Commerce on February 21, 2017.

Cirrus Construction

This Eden company held a ribbon cutting on Friday, October 5 at their new Hwy 14 facility north of Cox Street. The Eden, Reidsville and Western Rockingham Chambers of Commerce, Board members and other business leaders, welcomed cirrus to the Eden business community. 


Ice Machine at Two-Rivers Plaza

On September 26, the Eden Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting at the ice machine recently installed at this Meadow Road shopping center. The machine at Kingsway Plaza does very well, so this one should also. Shopping Center owner Ira Tilley has made several landscaping improvements to the center. 


Skywalker Roofing

This former Eden company conducted an initiative called No Roof Left Behind. Rockingham County residents were nominated to receive a new roof; specifically, those who could not afford them. Four finalists received 755 votes and one was chosen as a winner. The winning Mayodan woman cares for her special needs brother in their home. Skywalker owner Luke Wilson was so moved by the finalists’ stories that he is replacing all of their roofs, free of charge. Mr. Wilson provided the following quote for a story about this program:


 “We (Skywalker Roofing) decided to be a part of this program to help people and maybe get some name recognition at the same time”, stated Wilson.  “After interacting with each finalist it was clear that this is my purpose; this is what I was put on this earth to do. I never thought that God could use me.  I’m just a roofer, but I was wrong. I hope this is just the beginning of helping many, many more people. The people receiving the new roofs keep saying that I’ll never know how much it means to them. I’d like to say they’ll never know how much they’ve changed me and the Skywalker team’s lives.”


The News & Record ran an October 7 story in its Rockingham section that detailed the event surrounding the replacement of the winner’s roof. Skywalker Roofing plans future initiatives in other Triad counties. 


Gildan Sock Sale 

This sock sale took place from October 4 -7 at the former Pennies for Change space in Meadow Greens Shopping Center. From all accounts received, it was a huge success!  

Wayfinding Project

The green directional signs that are seen throughout the community are being refurbished and updated. Many had deteriorated because of weather exposure. The signs will be refurbished in groups of five. The project should be completed by the end of November. 


Triad Business Journal State of Rockingham

This event will take place on Friday, October 19 at the Rockingham County Economic Development office in Wentworth. Three panelists include, Nick Freitag, Gildan Vice-President of Wholesale Distribution-Printwear, Dr. Mark Kinlaw, President of Rockingham Community College, and Mike Dougherty, Director of Economic Development for the City of Eden. They will discuss issues pertinent to county economic and workforce development. Tickets are $30 on-line in advance at the Triad Business Journal web site or at the door.  

Dan River ST8 Crossings Marketing Campaign


In February of 2014, the Duke Energy Dan River facility suffered a coal ash spill. In September of 2014, Duke Energy representatives convened a group of regional partners representing the eight counties and independent cities of VA and NC, which comprise the Dan River Region. The purpose of this stakeholder group was to learn of the ways in which Duke Energy was mitigating the coal ash spill, the monitoring of water quality, the status of the Dan River, and to consider projects to help promote proper river stewardship and recreation. The group was called the Dan River Stakeholders group because of their vested interest in the Dan River and their communities. 


One of the negative outcomes of the coal ash spill was relentless local and national media coverage of the accident. As a result, Google searches of the Dan River resulted in images of coal ash and little else. The Stakeholders group determined that a regional marketing campaign could promote the positive elements of the Dan River and those communities that comprise the Dan River Region. Requests for Proposals were submitted to marketing and public relations companies within VA and NC. The result was a comprehensive multi-media campaign, including a brand for the Dan River region, billboards, web site, videos, social media, search engine optimization, and content generation. Duke Energy funded this campaign. The Dan River ST8 Crossings brand was created because the Dan River crosses in and out of VA and NC eight times. There are also eight jurisdictions involved in the Dan River Region. The objective was to create a logo similar to OBX for the NC Outer Banks.


The web site,, presents the different campaign elements. 

The “8” theme, as used in the words “elev8” “navig8” “celebr8”, describes what interesting things can be done within the region. The Dan River ST8 Crossings social media campaign includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Duke Energy ended its involvement and funding of the campaign in August of 2016. The regional partners have continued to meet monthly and have contributed financially to a digital campaign that includes the ST8 Crossings web site and social media that is managed by Silver Lining Design of Patrick County, VA.  The regional partners include:


                                    Patrick County, VA

                                    City of Martinsville, VA

Henry County, VA

                                    City of Danville, VA

                                    Stokes County, NC

                                    City of Eden, NC

                                    Rockingham County, NC

                                    Caswell County, NC


This campaign is currently funded through 2019. The Partners are seeking additional regional contributors to continue the campaign long-term. They are also seeking advertising partners, such as Martinsville Speedway, Virginia International Raceway, Primland Resort and other businesses. The City of Eden contribution to the effort has come from funding previously provided by Duke Energy specifically for marketing in the aftermath of the coal ash spill. 


622 Washington Street

An initial offer to purchase the building was made in late August. A series of upset bids were placed with the most recent upset-bidding deadline of October 3 at 4:30 p.m. passing without another bid. A recommendation to City Council will be made to accept the standing bid of $15,573.50. The bidder has plans to open a business at this site.


Fieldcrest Public Space 


The lighting is scheduled to arrive by October 16 and will then be installed. Plans are being made to secure the back doors and windows at the rear of the building and the addition of tables and benches for the area are being planned.  For additional information concerning this project please contact Randy Hunt, Main Street Manager at


Bridge Street Parking

We are looking forward to October 15 and the formal announcement in reference to the Home Trust Endowment grant award for our beautification project. Once received, we will then be able to stripe the parking lot and begin our beautification project. Additional signage is being pursued to inform the public that the lot is available for use. For additional information concerning this project please contact Randy Hunt, Main Street Manager at


The Eden Downtown Development Corporation has submitted their 2018 Main Street Champion nomination – Faye and Terry Shelton of Five Star Realty. They have also submitted a nomination for a NC Main Street award for a building rehabilitation project. The Board voted at their October meeting to pursue acceptance of a downtown building donation. The design subcommittee met with city employees and a manufacturing representative to test a new trash receptacle design that could be serviced by city collection equipment. The EDDI is recommending replacement of our downtown receptacles with this new product. We continue to meet with a local artist that plans to bring a gallery and glass blowing facility as well as an artesian school to downtown.


Eden Rotary Club & Eden Preservation Society

The Eden Rotary Club and Eden Preservation Society continue planning and collecting artifacts for the Luther Hodges exhibit at City Hall. An announcement concerning our grant application from the Home Trust Endowment grant is expected on October 15th


Cars and Coffee

The final Cars and Coffee for the year was Saturday, September 29 at Family Video. The event continued to grow larger each month. We will host the series of meets again in the spring of 2019.


The Boulevard

The Boulevard Merchants Association will hold a second Cars and Crabs event on November 10 of this year. The first one that was held in the spring was very successful. In addition, they decided to postpone their multicultural festival until a later date. 


New Restaurant

The new owner of the former Buick dealership building on the corner of Patrick and Washington Street continues working to place a restaurant in the building. He is very much interested in collecting memorabilia from the building from the period it was first a buggy company. 

Treat Street

Make sure you bring the kids to Downtown Eden along Washington Street for Treat Street on Friday, October 26 from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. Participating merchants will be handing out treats to all the kids in their cute costumes! At 6:00 p.m. join us in the park at the corner of Washington and Henry Streets for the annual Costume Contest!! See you there!


Veterans Day Parade & Ceremony

The 15th Annual Veterans Day Parade and Ceremony will take place on Tuesday, November 13 beginning at 9:00 a.m. from the former Draper Elementary School. Kids from both Lincoln Elementary and Central Elementary will be joining us!! We will walk together to Veterans Park on Fieldcrest Road where the ceremony will begin at approximately 9:30 a.m. We hope all of you will be able to join us for this very special event!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Christmas Parade Dates – Mark Your Calendars Now!

Leaksville Night-Time Christmas Parade – Friday, November 23 beginning at 6:30 p.m.


52nd Annual Draper Children’s Christmas Parade – Saturday, December 1 beginning at

11:00 a.m.


Our State Magazine Filming

Our State Magazine has been in Eden filming a new video for us that will be released in November that will appear on all their digital outlets. We are also working with the magazine on an article that will also appear in digital form on their website for an entire year. We are celebrating all that makes Eden unique and special, including but not limited to: the Dan & Smith Rivers, Eden Drive-In, Downtown areas, Drive-In Restaurants, The Barn, Smith River Greenway, Matrimony Creek Nature Trail, Freedom Park, John E. Grogan Park, Historic Homes and so much more!! We can’t wait to share it with you!!


Public Art

Both of our upcoming public art projects are in the creation stages this month. Josh Cote will begin on our wire animal art later in October and will be completed by early Winter. Teresa Phillips will begin work on our Karastan Mosaic later this month as well. Completion will be early Winter, but installation will be early Spring.  We will keep you updated on the progress of both of these exciting projects!!


Grogan Park in The Fall 

Grogan Park just might be prettiest in the Fall!! Consider the park for your church functions, reunions, corporate events or any other gathering opportunities you might have. On a daily basis you can come by to sit and enjoy the fall colors of the beautiful trees that make the park so special. Bring a lunch or a full picnic and just enjoy being outside!! Amenities include a covered gazebo, plaza area, water feature, wind chimes, tables & chairs, benches, swing and conversation area along with a walking path that winds through the park. Also, you will be able to enjoy some beautiful and interesting public art later this year and early 2019. We already have a beautiful Quilt Square that’s part of the Rockingham Co. Quilt Trail for you to enjoy. See you in the park!!

Text Messaging 

Make sure you are in the know! Text the keyword EDENNC to 51660 and stay up to date on meetings, events and opportunities for our citizens.


“A Few Minutes with The Mayor” 

Tune in to WGSR Star News the last Thursday of every month at 6:15 p.m. and spend 15 minutes with Eden’s Mayor Neville Hall.


Explore Eden Facebook Page 

Please join our Explore Eden Facebook page as another way to stay up to date on what to do in Eden! We have over 7,200 followers!


We have an e-newsletter! 

You can get information about upcoming local events by email through our monthly Explore Downtown newsletter. If you want to subscribe, please send your email address to


Rockingham County Arts Council Grants

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a $2,200 grant for the 2019 Hispanic Heritage Day festivities and a $477 grant for the Piedmont Pottery Festival. Our thanks to the Rockingham County Arts Council for awarding us both of these grants.


Engineering Department


Street Resurfacing Projects:


All city street resurfacing projects have been completed for the year. The next contract will be will available for construction in April 2019.


Asphalt Pavement Crack Sealing

The city has hired Delta Contracting to crack seal E. Moore Street from NC14 to S. Pierce Street in front of Holmes Middle School in November due to severe cracking. The work will be completed between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to avoid any interruptions to normal school operations. The street will be restriped after the crack sealing is completed.



Restriping of Country Club Drive


Due to the new traffic pattern at Central Elementary School, the city will be restriping a section of Country Club Drive to install a lane of traffic specifically for the student pickup line that stages along the west side of Country Club Drive in the afternoons. The centerline will be shifted to the east approximately 10 feet to allow for a third lane of traffic. The new lane of traffic will be designated as a turn lane into the school parking lot and will be marked with single right turn arrows. The new markings should be installed sometime in the next 2 to 3 weeks.


Knight Street - Maintenance Acceptance:


The Oaks Homeowner’s Association had the private section of Knight Street repaired and resurfaced by Waugh Asphalt in August bringing the roadway up to city specifications. The city received a request from The Oaks Homeowner’s Association on September 27 asking the City Council to accept the maintenance on Knight Street from Oleander Drive to Laurelwood Drive. The request will go before the City Council on Tuesday, October 16 for approval. City staff has recommended in favor of this request.


NCDOT Resurfacing of NC 14/Van Buren Road


The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will be resurfacing NC14/Van Buren Road from Cox Street to the Virginia state line later this month. NCDOT will have contractors on site the week of October 15 to complete the pavement repair and asphalt milling prior to resurfacing. Russell Standard will have a crew on site sometime in the next two weeks to install a FR-SAMI application which is a fibermat that combines polymer modified asphalt emulsion with chopped glass fiber strands to create a membrane that absorbs stresses and delays cracking. This application will be applied and covered with an asphalt overlay. The work is scheduled to be completed in November.


Waterline Replacement Projects Update


Final plans for the Morehead Street 2” water line replacement project have been prepared by Stoltzfus Engineering, Inc. The application for approval was signed on October 2, and it has been sent to the Public Water Supply Section in Raleigh for review and approval, along with the plans and engineer’s report.  A bid opening date has been set for November 8.  This project will involve the installation of about 500 feet of 6-inch diameter ductile iron pipe between Glovenia Street and Hollingsworth Street.


Plans for installing about 280 feet of 2-inch diameter PVC water main along Ridge Avenue west of N. Hale Street were completed on October 3.  Bid and contract document packages have been provided to local utility contractors. A bid opening date has been set for October 23.


Alley, Williams, Carmen & King, Inc. provided plan and profile drawings for review on September 14 for installing about 845 feet of 6-inch diameter water main on Jackson Street, north of W. Moore Street.  Comments were provided and final revised plans were received on September 27, along with the engineer’s report. The required items have been submitted to the Public Water Supply Section for review and approval. A review of the draft bid documents was completed on October 9. Engineering personnel will be talking with one property owner to acquire an easement for a small corner of a lot while waiting for plan approval. A bid opening date has not been set for this project.


Information Technology Department

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In conjunction with the National Cybersecurity Alliance and the Department of Homeland Security, the City of Eden has joined the initiative as a Champion of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2018. As part of the initiative, the City will conduct cybersecurity awareness training for all of our employees.  

We invite our citizens and businesses to protect themselves online and help to make the Internet safer and more secure by following these simple tips from the Stop, Think. Connect™ Campaign:

Enable stronger authentication. Always enable stronger authentication for an extra layer of security beyond the password that is available on most major email, social media and financial accounts. Stronger authentication (e.g., multi-factor authentication that can use a one-time code texted to a mobile device) helps verify that a user has authorized access to an online account. For more information about authentication, visit the new Lock Down Your Login Campaign at


Make your passwords long & strong. Use complex passwords with a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters. Use unique passwords for different accounts. Change your passwords regularly, especially if you believe they have been compromised.


Keep a clean machine. Update the security software, operating system, and web browser on all of your Internet-connected devices. Keeping your security software up to date will prevent attackers from taking advantage of known vulnerabilities.


When in doubt, throw it out. Links in email and online posts are often the way cyber criminals compromise your computer. If it looks suspicious (even if you know the source), delete it.


Share with care. Limit the amount of personal information you share online and use privacy settings to avoid sharing information widely.  


These simple steps will go a long way toward improving their online safety and defending against cyber criminals and malware.





Municipal Services Department

Klyce Street River Access and Draper Landing River Access

The City of Eden has been awarded a $100,000 Duke Energy Water Resources Fund Grant for the development of a new river access at the Klyce Street and for improvements to the Draper Landing river access. We are currently in the process of addressing both of these initiatives.


Recycling Improvements

We are currently evaluating our recycling operations at the six (6) drop port sites as well as our recycling center. We hope to make some recommendations for City Council’s review and consideration in the near future.


Bridge Street Washout

Staff is currently in the process of repairing the wash out on Bridge Street that occurred due to the heavy rains. Once we can get a sufficient amount of dry weather to complete all of the necessary repairs, the road will be reopened to traffic.


Fleet Maintenance Work Orders


The Fleet Maintenance Division generated 230 work orders for repairs and preventive maintenance to the fleet during the course of the past month.  

Parks & Recreation Department


Parks & Recreation Grant

In the recently approved state budget the NC General Assembly included $500,000 in funding for Eden to use towards Parks and Recreation. This $500,000 grant will be used to help build the new Splash Pad complex that will be constructed within Freedom Park. Special thanks to Senator Phil Berger for his efforts and support in obtaining these funds for our community. On August 21 the City Council awarded a contract for the development of the Splash Pad to VORTEX and a purchase order was issued on August 27. VORTEX is currently working on construction documents and we anticipate that construction will begin sometime in October of this year. The Splash Pad equipment is scheduled to be delivered to Freedom Park the week of October 15-19.  Staff met with the VORTEX Construction Manager on October 9 to go over details concerning the construction time frame.   


A RFQ for Design/Build Construction of a bathhouse was sent out on August 29 and the RFQ’s were submitted to the City for its consideration on October 2. There was only 2 RFQ’s received, so this was rebid with a due date of October 12. Staff will review the RFQ’s and make a recommendation to the City Council to enter into a Contract for Design/Build Services at their meeting on October 16.  For more information concerning this project please contact Johnny Farmer, Director of Parks, Recreation, Facilities and Grounds at

Community Accents Program & Parks & Recreation Radio Program


Staff participated in the Community Accents Program with WLOE (Wonderful Land of Eden) radio on September 26 and will be participating in the same program on October 12 and November 9.  In addition, staff participated in the Parks & Recreation Radio Program with WLOE on October 24 and will be participating in the same program in November to update the public on our recreational program offerings during the months of November and December.  We remain involved in these community outreach efforts in an effort to update residents about the programs being offered by our Parks & Recreation Department.


Concert in the Park Series & Cruise In


A Concert in the Park/Cruise in event was held on September 29.  The next and final Concert in the Park/Cruise in event for this year will be held on October 27 beginning at 5:30 pm in Freedom Park. For more information please call 336-623-2110 Extension 3030 or email Ms. Georgette Spence at


Be Healthy Rockingham County 

Staff continues to be involved with Be Healthy Rockingham. They attended the Be Healthy Rockingham meeting held on October 10 and will attend the one scheduled for November 14.


Softball Tournaments

There are softball tournaments scheduled at Freedom Park on October 20-21, October 27 – 28, November 3-4, and November 10-11. These events bring visitors to our community who often end up spending money that helps our local economy.

Matrimony Creek Greenway Nature Trail


The City Council authorized the paving of the Matrimony Creek Greenway Nature Trail parking lot at the September 18 City Council meeting, using funds from the Strategic Plan funds allocated in the current FY 2018-19 budget. Quotes are being obtained and this project is scheduled to be completed by November 30.


Bridge Street Tennis Courts Resurfacing Project

The resurfacing of the Bridge Street Tennis Courts is scheduled to be completed by the end of November, depending on the weather.





Planning & Inspections Department

Code Enforcement


216 local code inspections have been made since the last report. The breakdown of types are as follows: 13 for building violations, 136 for high grass, 19 for junk cars, 29 for junk storage, 2 for yard waste, 5 for zoning violations and 12 for miscellaneous inspections. Miscellaneous inspections would include, but are not limited to, sight obstructions, sewer discharge on to the ground, and accumulation of downed trees.


The sweep of the City included the Grand Oaks area, Northridge/Summit Place Subdivision, NC 87 North and a portion of the Leaksville area. Also, re-inspections were made of the properties in violation during the previous sweep that received Notices of Violation.


81 notices have been mailed by certified mail and first class mail. Many properties require more than 1 notice because of multiple owners. The number of properties affected are as follows: 19 for high grass, 3 for high grass and junk cars, 4 for high grass and junk storage, 15 for junk, 6 for junk cars, 4 for junk storage and junk cars, 3 for a zoning violation, 1 for directing water to another property, 1 for discharging sewerage on the ground, 1 for a sight obstruction and 9 housing code violations.

One of the major issues we currently face with Code Enforcement deals with vehicles. The NCGS (North Carolina General Statutes) provide definitions and enforcement enabling legislation for cities to use. One of the drawbacks to this process is that we cannot touch any vehicle that has valid tags.


We have discovered that jurisdictions are solving this problem by adding the prohibition of disabled vehicles to their zoning regulations. We are taking an amendment to the Planning Board this month to include this in our zoning regulations.




The Sex Offender Map has been updated and replaced in the Eden Police Department area. Several maps were printed for display at the Citizens’ Academy. Updates were provided to WK Dickson Engineering and a WebEx is scheduled for Friday, October 12, to share data and schedule future updates. The data for staff members using the iPad version of ArcGis was updated and the data for water meters is an on-going project. In addition, we continue to update the locations of the water meters as staff tries to locate them for various jobs.

Strategic Plan


The Strategic Planning Commission met on August 17 and had a productive meeting. The Our State Magazine Digital Package project was approved at the August regular Council meeting and the remaining projects were approved at the September regular Council meeting. The projects already approved for funding include:


Matrimony Creek Greenway Nature Trail Parking Lot Improvements,$42,000

Matrimony Creek Greenaway Nature Trail Amenities Package$28,700

Wire Animal Public Art Project – Grogan Park, $10,770

Our State Magazine Digital Package, $  8,200

Karastan Mosaic Public Art Project – Grogan Park,$5,000

Total of $94,670


This leaves a remaining balance of $205,330 for additional strategic plan initiatives during FY 2018-19.


The staff committee for the Strategic Plan met on Wednesday, October 3. At that time, we discussed agenda preparation for the Strategic Planning Commission’s next regular meeting on November 2.

Community Appearance Commission


At their regular September meeting, the CAC asked for maps so they could divide up and help to monitor various areas of our city. Specifically, they will ride around and scan the areas for things they think may qualify as violations. The maps have been provided and they intend to discuss their findings at their next meeting in October.



Overview of Local Code Enforcement

During the course of the past month there has been some discussion and social media posts about code enforcement, the role of government, the role of private property owners, the processes involved etc... We have assembled some information in this month’s report that we hope will be both beneficial and informative.

The City of Eden is responsible for insuring that the community’s physical environment complies with applicable State and Local code requirements. We review applications for development, make inspections pursuant to a permit and pursue compliance with the State and Local code provisions. Applicable State and Local codes include those concerning new construction, unsafe buildings, dwellings unfit for human habitation, non-residential maintenance standards, land use and development, public nuisances, and junk vehicles.

We make inspections on the various codes based on city staff observations and complaints received either by phone, through the mail, in person or on the City’s online complaint submission system. This can be found on our website at  

All of the ordinances for local code enforcement contain provisions for appeal and due process must be given.  

In addition, applications for standard permits for new construction or remodeling can be obtained on our website or in the Planning and Inspections Department.

Finally, the availability of funding is very important. The amount of funding that can be allocated to these programs has to balance the needs in other departments such as police, fire, street maintenance and recreation to name a few.  

Local code enforcement is limited by the NC General Statutes. State law gives Eden and all other local governments the authority to adopt and enforce various codes, limits how far those actions can go and sets up the manner in which the city can recover funds from private property when we have to step in and abate the violations.


A good example to consider is a building on The Boulevard that the City Council decided to rehabilitate several years ago versus demolish. It cost $10,000 more to fix the building than to take it down. Even so, once the building was sold, the citizens of the City of Eden paid $146,000 to abate the violation and we had no ability to recover the cost. Code enforcement is vital and important but it is often very expensive. If we only have $146,000 left to spend is it more important to tear down a neglected property owned by a private citizen or corporation or to spend those funds to resurface some additional roads, to pay for additional police officers or some other need? Often times, the cost of doing one thing, is the cost of not doing something else. There are also those citizens in our community that we hear from who truly believe taxpayer dollars should not be used to abate a situation created by the neglect of a private property or business owner.

The City of Eden does allocate funds each year for some code enforcement initiatives. The current FY 2018-19 budget includes $162,800 for these efforts. This is an increase of $102,800 

from the $60,000 that was allocated during FY 2017-18. However, an important question that is often discussed is how much money the citizens and City Council are comfortable with spending each year knowing in advance that they will not be getting back much of the money spent?  When we tear down a building on a certain piece of property we are unable to attach those costs to other properties and/or assets the property owner may possess. Our collection efforts are limited to the property that is abated. Yes, we can place a lien on the property or move forward with foreclosure but we would likely never re-sell properties for what the City has in them. Also, with the funds that are allocated - do we concentrate on a few properties in each electoral ward if we can afford it, or do we concentrate on the very worst which is what the City has been trying 

to do as money has been made available? If we continue to follow our current prioritization process, then there will be some wards and areas of Eden that may not have anything done depending upon the amount of money available for spending.

While government certainly has a role and should do what it can in reference to minimum housing standards etc… many of these properties and houses would be fine if the owner of the premises did what was needed in terms of routine maintenance. Just think how much better everything would look if we could all work together to get more people caring about the appearance and condition of property they own?

Here is a listing and explanation about the pertinent codes, standards, regulations and ordinances that are administered by the Planning and Inspections Department. For more information about any of this material please contact Kelly Stultz, Director of Planning and Inspections at

Violation of the Human Habitation Standards Ordinance (Minimum Housing Code)

This ordinance applies to all existing housing including manufactured homes. The ordinance addresses the safety and welfare of inhabitants or potential inhabitants. Unsightly conditions do not always create violations.

When complaints are received, an inspection is made. If the inspector cannot identify enough qualifying conditions without going inside the structure, then a petition is required from 5 citizens with actual knowledge of the conditions or by a public official.  

When a housing code action is started, a notice is sent to the property owner(s) and lienholders giving them notice of the hearing date and time. If, after the hearing, violations are confirmed then an order is sent.  

The order may require that the dwelling be either:

Repaired or vacated and closed; or

Repaired or vacated and demolished.


The owner has a minimum of 45 days to comply. If, after this time, the owner has not complied with the Order, then the City Council is requested to adopt an ordinance to abate the violation subject to the availability of funding. The property owner can appear before the City Council to appeal the violation.  

Violation of the Non-Residential Building Maintenance Standards

This ordinance applies to all existing structures not used for housing. The ordinance addresses the safety and welfare of occupants or potential occupants. Unsightly conditions do not always create violations.

When complaints are received, an inspection is made. If violations are found, then a complaint and notice of hearing is sent to the property owner and lienholder and a hearing is set. If, after the hearing, violations are confirmed then an order is sent.  

The order may require that the structure be either:

Repaired or vacated and closed if the cost of repairs is less than 50% of the value of the structure.

Repaired or vacated and demolished if the costs exceed 50% of the value.


The owner has a minimum of 90 days to comply. If, after this time, the owner has not complied with the Order then the City Council is requested to adopt an ordinance to abate the violation subject to the availability of funding. The property owner can appear before the City Council to appeal the violation.  

Special Note:  The NC General Statutes provide extended time and other protections to buildings that are considered Historic or are vacant Industrial facilities.

Violations of Land Use and Development Regulations

Violations of our Zoning, Subdivision, Water Supply Watershed and Flood Damage Prevention Ordinances are handled as follows:

When complaints are received for these types of violations, we do a site inspection.  If a violation is found, then a letter is sent to the owner giving them 10 days to respond to the Planning and Inspections Department. If no response is received after 10 days, a letter is sent stating a formal violation notice and the owner has 30 days to abate the violation. If compliance is not achieved, then the final 30-day letter is sent. If there is no response, then the case is taken to the City Council to authorize legal action through the Rockingham County Courts.

Violation of the Nuisance Ordinance

The following conditions constitute a public nuisance:

The uncontrolled growth of noxious weeds and grass in a height in excess of 12 inches.

The accumulation of animal or vegetable matter that is offensive by virtue of odors or the inhabitance of rats, mice, snakes or vermin of any kind.

The collection of garbage, food waste, animal waste or other such matter in an open space.

Accumulation of rubbish or combustible items causing stagnant water or the inhabitance of mosquitos of other vermin.

The open storage of any refrigerator, appliance or other similar items.

The obstruction of a street or highway.

The accumulation of yard waste.

Conditions which hinder the natural flow of water.


If you believe you have observed any of these conditions, please call or email us with the information. We will usually check the violation within 24 hours. If a violation is found, a notice is sent to the property owner. Once the notice is sent, the property owner has 15 days to abate the violation before the City can order the abatement.

Violation of the Junk or Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance

If a complaint is received, we then go to the site on which the vehicle or vehicles are located and do an inspection. This requires that the VIN number for the vehicle be identified.  

A junked motor vehicle is (must meet 2 criteria):

Partially dismantled or wrecked; or

Cannot be self-propelled or moved in the manner in which it was originally intended; or

Is more than five years old and worth less than $500; or

Does not display a current license plate.


An abandoned motor vehicle is one that:

Has been left upon a public street or highway in violation of a law or ordinance prohibiting parking; or

Is left on property owned or operated by the City for longer than 24 hours; or

Is left on private property without the consent of the owner, occupant or lease holder for longer than 2 hours; or

Is left on any public street or highway for longer than 7 days.


If a violation is found city staff must identify the owner of the vehicle and send a notice. Once the notice is sent, the property owner has 15 days to abate the violation before the City can order the abatement.

In the case of a vehicle abandoned on public streets, the vehicle can be removed immediately by the Police Department and the owner notified after the fact.


If you have any questions about this information please feel free to contact Kelly Stultz, Director of Planning and Inspections at


Police Department

The Eden Police Department is currently advertising for two full time police officer positions in preparation of the retirement of two senior officers on January 1, 2019. The applicant must be BLET certified as a North Carolina Law Enforcement Officer by December 10.   

The Eden Police Department has scheduled CPR and AED training for the entire department during the month of October 2018. The CPR training will re-certify all officers within the Eden Police Department. This training will also include training for the new AED units purchased with funds from the FY 2018-19 budget.  

Deputy Chief Clint Simpson attended the first session of the UNC School of Government Municipal and County Administration Course during October 9-12.  The first session, originally scheduled in September, had to be re-scheduled due to hurricane Florence. That session has been rescheduled for the first week in December.

Chief Greg Light and Deputy Chief Clint Simpson will be attending the Shepherd’s and Shields lunch meeting scheduled for October 16. This meeting consists of local pastors and law enforcement leaders to share a meal and discuss any issues in our communities. These meetings have been very beneficial over the years in developing close relationships within our community.  

Deputy Chief Clint Simpson and Captain John Edwards will be attending 2019 In-Service Instructor training October 23-24, in preparation for In-Service training during 2019.  The training will be held at the North Carolina Justice Academy in Salemburg, North Carolina.  

Captain John Edwards will assist the Danville Police Department on October 30 for their promotional process for the rank of Captain within the Danville Police Department.


Chief Greg Light, Deputy Chief Clint Simpson, Captain John Edwards and Municipal Services Director Paul Dishmon will be meeting with Jason Julian, NCDOT, to discuss the feasibility of adding additional truck route signs in and around Eden. This has been ongoing problem with tractor and trailer trucks not utilizing the designated truck routes in Eden. This meeting will take place on October 17. 

The Eden Police Department would like to continue to encourage the citizens of our community to utilize the Eden Police Department’s Facebook page for updates and information concerning our community, as well as, Crimestoppers to provide anonymous information concerning illegal activity to keep our community safe.

Public Utilities Department

EPA Administrative Order on Consent (AOC)

Work is continuing on the EPA AOC that requires us to complete our Remediation Plan Work before February 28, 2022 (5 years).  Staff met with representatives of W.K. Dickson Engineering on September 26 to review finalized plans for several phases of the project work.


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