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Posted on: September 12, 2018

City Manager's Report- September 2018

City Managers Report- September 2018

City Manager’s Report – September 2018

Attention Central Elementary Parents

To ensure the safety of our students, families, and community the Eden Police Department is currently rerouting traffic during AFTERNOON dismissal. 

Starting Monday, September 10th, the North bound lane of Country Club Drive from Stadium Drive to Greenway Street is being closed from 2:00 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. during afternoon dismissal. Parents may utilize Panther Lane and Greenway Street or Edgewood Drive and Meadow Road to gain access to Country Club Drive for school pick up.  There will be one line coming into the pick-up line from Country Club Drive.  Any parent wishing to park in the parking lot and walk up will also have that option.  This change will allow for a safe and orderly dismissal that will not block Stadium Drive.  Please see the maps below.  Morning traffic patterns will remain the same.  We appreciate your patience during this change!

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work to ensure the safety of our children, school staff and citizens.  e to the school for pick up. There will be one line coming into the pick-up line from Country Club Drive. Any parent wishing to park in our lot and walk-up will have that option as well. This change will allow for a safe and orderly dismissal that will not block Stadium Drive. Please see the maps below. Morning traffic patterns will remain the same. We appreciate your patience during this change!


 Cancellation of 15th Annual Eden RiverFest Celebration

Eden Mayor Neville Hall has announced that the 15th Annual Eden RiverFest celebration has been cancelled due to Hurricane Florence.  While the exact path of the storm continues to fluctuate, most predictive models show it is having a direct impact on the City of Eden.  The forecasted heavy rains and high winds would make it dangerous for vendors and attendees alike.

“This is our largest annual event and we are disappointed that it has to be cancelled, but the safety of all involved is of primary importance,” stated Hall. The City has scheduled additional emergency personnel on duty and on standby to address the impact of the storm. 

For more information on the event, contact Cindy Adams, Coordinator of Special Events and Tourism at

Update – Highway 29 Corridor for Future I-785

Eden and Rockingham County are in Division 7 (Alamance, Caswell, Guilford, Orange, and Rockingham counties) of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).  Funding for road improvement projects on state maintained roads can come from our division and/or directly from the state.  Councilman Darryl Carter and the Planning Directors for Eden (Kelly Stultz), Reidsville, and Rockingham County are members of the NCDOT group in the Piedmont Triad Rural Planning Organization (RPO).  This group was formed to improve fairness for funding for roads and other methods of transportation for rural areas as we compete with the Metropolitan Planning Organizations.  Eden, Reidsville, and Rockingham County, with support from Guilford County, Caswell County, the City of Greensboro and NCDOT have been pressing for funding to improve Highway 29 from Hicone Road in Guilford County to US 158/NC 14 in Rockingham County to interstate standards in pursuit of becoming I-785.  The Highway 29 project is considered a regional project.  Across the state of North Carolina, 915 regional projects were proposed.  Our project was ranked very high and was one of only 115 that were funded.  According to the NCDOT, the primary purpose of this project will be to improve safety, reduce congestion, improve travel time and improve economic vitality.  The total cost of this project will be nearly $300,000,000.00.  For a number of years our economic development activities have been hampered somewhat by a lack of proximity to a major interstate.  These funded improvements will resolve that issue for Eden and will also help Reidsville, Rockingham County and Caswell County.  Instead of Eden being 40 miles from an interstate it will be 10 miles, which makes quite a difference to industrial site consultants.  Special thanks go to Eden City Councilman Darryl Carter, our elected representative on the Rural Planning Organization team.  Mr. Carter was instrumental in lobbying support from Guilford, Caswell and Rockingham Counties to help this project score enough points to be funded.  In addition, special thanks to Kelly Stultz, Director of Planning and Inspections who is also a member of the team and has supported the project for several years.

Code Enforcement Update

The City of Eden has initiated the process of traveling every street in our jurisdiction in an effort to complete a comprehensive sweep to identify all nuisance, zoning, junk car, human habitation standards, and non-residential maintenance standards violations.  Since we began the sweep, we have covered 46 linear miles of streets and roads within the jurisdiction.

We have completed 260 local code inspections since the last report.  This includes our sweep and the violations that are reported.   The breakdown of the 260 inspections are as follows:  6 for building violations, 186 for high grass, 30 for junk cars, 32 for junk storage, 1 for yard waste and 5 for zoning violations.

The N. C General Statutes require that a Notice be mailed to each property owner by certified mail-return receipt requested and first class mail.  If that mail is returned, the property must be posted.  The City of Eden posts every property at the beginning of the process.  As a part of our sweep, there are 155 properties that generated 189 certified mail notices and first class mail notices.  Over time, this becomes very costly.  Many properties require more than 1 notice because of multiple owners.  The 155 properties identified include: 

·        118 high grass and weeds

·         14 junk and trash

·         11 junk cars

·         3 zoning violations

·         9 housing code violations

If you would like to see a list of the properties listed on our Code Compliance Report, which includes properties that received notices prior to August and are still pending action, you can visit the main page of the City’s website at

The Code Enforcement Sweep will continue to be a major focus of our Planning and Inspections Department.  The list below is compiled to give each of you a better idea of the process:

Steps of a local code inspection that has a violation

1.                  Staff receives a telephone call or email with a complaint. Or we do a proactive search for violations.

2.                  Permit is created in BluePrince and an inspection is requested.

3.                  Inspector visits property.

4.                  Inspector takes a picture of the violation.

5.                  Inspector posts a Notice of Violation.

6.                  Inspector sends the pictures of the violation and posting to the appropriate staff member.

7.                  Inspector enters inspection results in BluePrince.

8.                  Research is done to identify the owner(s) of the property using the online service of the Rockingham 

                     County Tax Department and Register of Deeds.

9.                 We enter the owner’s data on to a spreadsheet for a mail merge and tracking information.  This 

                    spreadsheet includes the following columns: Code for violation, owner’s name, owner’s mailing 

                    address, property address for violation, certified mail number, return receipt number, date notice 

                    mail, deadline  date, posted date, date certified mail was receipt, yes or no if the mail was signed for 

                    by owner, abated date, date requested contractor to abate the violation, name of contractor, date the 

                    City received an invoice from the contractor, date the invoice was delivered to the Finance Department, 

                    date the Finance Department billed the invoice and the amount of the invoice.

10.              Certified mail receipts are printed.

11.              Return receipt cards are printed.

12.              Certified mail envelopes are printed.

13.              First class mail envelopes are printed.

14.              3 copies of the Notice of Violation is printed.  

15.              Envelopes are stuffed.

16.              Envelopes are mailed.  The cost is $6.67 for each certified mail envelope and 47ȼ for each 

                   first class envelope.

17.              Receive telephone calls from majority of owners about the notices.

18.              When the return receipts or envelopes are returned to the City, the spreadsheet is updated and the 

                   receipts or envelopes are filed.

19.              After 15 days, the inspector goes back to the property to determine if the violation has been abated by

                   the property owner.

20.              The inspector posts the results of his inspection in BluePrince.

21.              If the violation has been abated, the file is closed.

22.              If the violation has not been abated, staff contacts the Facility Maintenance crews for the abatement.

23.              If the violation is too large for Facility Maintenance, staff contacts a contractor that has registered with the 

                   Planning and Inspections Department and has provided the appropriate insurance certifications.

24.              When the violation is abated by either the City crew or outside contractor, staff calculates the cost and sends 

                   a Statement of Cost to the Finance Department.

25.              The Finance Department sends an invoice for the cost.

For more information concerning our Code Enforcement efforts please contact Debra Madison, Local Codes Administrator/GIS Coordinator at

 Eden Youth Council

The new members of the Eden Youth Council were sworn in at the August City Council Meeting.  New members include Grace Blalock, Victoria Calderon, Felix Calderon, Michael Hall, Chris Hopper, Kylie Huffman, Ben Jones, Jadan Martin, Ainsley Pyrtle, Bay Twilla and Will Twilla. Returning members include Cody Dunn Chair, Nicole Hernandez, Vice Chair, Megan Blankenship, Secretary, Grey Martin, Recruiting Chair, Matthew Shockley, Harrison Smith, Blair Tuggle, Mason Barham, William Flynt, and Larson White. Meetings with members of the Executive Council, Mayor Pro-Tem Jim Burnette and City staff revealed a desire to take a fresh look at the Council’s yearly projects.  The Eden Youth Council’s next meeting is scheduled to include a planning session where the Council will set their annual projects.  There will be an emphasis on why each member originally wanted to become involved in the Youth Council and their desires to influence the community.  The first Eden Youth Council project for this school year was intended to be RiverFest, but that has been cancelled.  The Youth Council has scheduled an “Adopt a Street” cleanup for September 22.  Council members will meet to clean up litter along the sides of Kennedy Street, the street that they chose to keep clean.  

 Sidewalk Assessment Policy

Have you wanted to explore the feasibility of having sidewalk installed on your road?  On January 21, 2003, the Eden City Council adopted an assessment policy for the installation of new sidewalks.  The minimum criteria for sidewalk installation projects shall not be less than an entire street length between intersections and shall extend to the terminus of the existing infrastructure, if any.  In addition, more than 50% of the adjacent property owners must sign a petition requesting the sidewalk extension and if the property deed is registered in more than one name, all owners mist sign the petition.  Also, property owners that own more than one parcel must sign for each parcel of land adjacent to the proposed sidewalk.  The cost of extension will usually be assessed based on street frontage and the North Carolina General Statutes sets the requirements for assessments.  Once presented with a qualifying petition, the City Council “may” decide to participate in a portion of the funding.  Eden, like many communities, has traditionally paid for 50% of the project and assessed the citizens adjacent to the improvements for the remaining 50%.  Traditionally, the City pays for the improvements up front and then the property owners make 5 equal annual payments with an interest rate established by the City Council.  During the FY 2018-19 budget process the City Council investigated the feasibility and costs associated with installing sidewalks in three large neighborhoods/areas.  They included:

·        14,734.40 linear feet of sidewalk in the Grand Oaks area (20 different street sections) at a projected 

          total cost of $1,473,439.90.

·         11,437.09 linear feet of sidewalk in the New Street area (25 different street sections) at a projected 

           total cost of $1,143,709.18.

·         7,900.67 linear feet of sidewalk in the Harris and Klyce Streets area (14 different street sections) at a 

           projected total cost of $790,067.23

As you can see, the installation of sidewalks is an expensive endeavor.  However, if you are interested in exploring the feasibility of having a new sidewalk installed along your road the sidewalk assessment policy should be used as a guide.  For more information concerning our sidewalk assessment policy please contact Kelly Stultz, Director of Planning and Inspections at

 Citizens Academy Update

The 2018 Citizen’s Academy got underway on August 16 with sixteen participants, and will continue until graduation during the October City Council meeting scheduled for October 16, 2018.  The remaining schedule is as follows:

September 13,        Municipal Services Department (Streets, Solid Waste, Fleet Maintenance,  

                                & Collection & Distribution) and the Engineering Department

September 20,         Economic & Tourism Development Department

September 27,         Parks, Recreation, Facilities & Grounds Department

October 4,                Planning & Inspections Department & Positively Eden Strategic Plan

October 11,              Finance & Human Resources Department

October 16,              City Council Meeting - Graduation 

Economic & Tourism Development Department

Southern Virginia Mega Site at Berry Hill

The Berry Hill Regional Mega Park has been renamed to the Southern Virginia Mega Site at Berry Hill.  Recently, there have been questions about the construction on Berry Hill Road on the opposite side of the industrial sites.  Part of the gravity sewer, a sewer pump station and force main are currently under construction.  This sewer will connect to the sewer force main the City of Eden installed during 2011-12.  

On Friday, August 31stVirginia's Secretary of Commerce and Trade announced the Mega Site had earned Tier 4 certification.  Tier 4 certification means the land is graded and utilities like water and sewer lines are already in place or will be soon.  VA Department of Commerce and Trade Secretary Brian Ball stated that the risks to a client are reduced if the site is in “ready to go” condition as happens with this certification.  The certification comes from the Virginia Economic Development Partnership's Virginia Business Ready Sites program.

The Mega Site is only the seventh Tier 4 site in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Having utilities in place makes a site more attractive to potential users because the time is lessened for project development. 

KDH Defense Systems

On September 4th, Eden’s KDH Defense Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of American-made, high-performance protective solutions, announced it has received close to $85.0 million in contract extensions on previously awarded contracts from the U.S. Army.  Production will be done at the Company’s Eden, North Carolina manufacturing facility.  The first award is a $61.0 million shared Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (“ID/IQ”) contract extension from the Army Contracting Command for the Modular Scalable Vest (MSV) Generation II.  Under the terms of the contract (W91CRB-15-D-0021, modification P00019), KDH will produce the MSV Gen II, with an estimated completion date of August 20, 2019.  KDH, along with two other companies, was initially awarded a $49.0 million shared firm-fixed-price contract for the Soldier Protection System, Modular Scalable Vest in July 2015.  The second award is a shared ID/IQ contract extension from the Army Contracting Command for Soldier Protection System Torso and Extremity Protection Blast Pelvic Protectors (“BPP”) under contract W91CRB-15-D-0032. The modification issued by the U.S. Army increases the contract ceiling by $23.8 million and extends the ordering period by two years through September 2020.  As a result, the Government may place additional delivery orders for a grand total of up to $37.3 million under the terms of this extended contract.  KDH was one of three companies to win the initial award in September 2015.

Area Companies Hiring

Gildan, KDH Defense Systems, Loparex, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Hampton Inn, Sheetz, Dollar General of Ridgeway, VA, Cook Out, and Papa John’s are all now hiring.  Please stop by these locations to learn more about the available jobs. 

Ray’s Bait & Tackle

Ray's Bait & Tackle reopened at 7:00am on Friday, August 31 at 317 W. Meadow Road.  Their business hours are Monday-Saturday 7:00 am-6:00pm.  They sell hunting and fishing supplies. Owners are David and Marie Moreadith.

Kitty’s Restaurant

This restaurant has moved to the former Howard’s location on Meadow Road in front of the Eden Mall. 

Lidl Supermarket

The City was in contact with Will Harwood, Lidl Director of Communications on Saturday, September 8.  The Eden store continues to be “on hold” and this status is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.  Originally, Lidl had planned to open 100 U.S. supermarkets in 2018.  That number has been reduced to 20 as they develop more effective product mix and marketing strategies to compete in the U.S. market. 

Spray Cotton Mills

The mill developer is also working on a Forest City, project.  His intention is to develop both properties, either simultaneously or very close together.  The Spray project will include market rate apartments, restaurants and a microbrewery. 

Gildan Sock and Apparel Sale-New Location!

A sock and apparel sale will take place October 4 – 7 from 10 am to 7pm.  The sale will be held in the old Pennies for Change space next to Di’Lishi frozen yogurt in the Meadow Greens Shopping Center.  Mark your calendars and don’t miss this exciting sale. 


Industry Bus Tou

Gildan, Loparex and Weil-McLain have all agreed to host Morehead High School teachers and counselors for an industry bus tour on a regularly scheduled teacher work day.  RCC will end the tour with a luncheon and discussion of the workforce development programs available now and those coming with the development of the workforce center.  This is being done to familiarize teachers and counselors with the available career opportunities at Eden companies. 

 Text Messaging 

Make sure you are in the know! Text the keyword EDENNC to 51660 and stay up to date on meetings, events and opportunities for our citizens.


“A Few Minutes with The Mayor” 

Tune in to WGSR Star News the last Thursday of every month at 6:15 p.m. and spend 15 minutes with Eden’s Mayor Neville Hall.


Explore Eden Facebook Page 

Please join our Explore Eden Facebook page as another way to stay up to date on what to do in Eden! We have over 7,180 followers!

We have an e-newsletter! 

You can get information about upcoming local events by email through our monthly Explore Downtown newsletter.  If you want to subscribe, please send your email address to

622 Washington Street Update

The new roof has been installed with gutters and downspouts attached to the rear of the building.  The drywall was installed along the newly constructed back wall.  In front, the second story windows have been installed.  The city has received bids for the purchase of this building and the bidding process will continue as advertised until a final upset bid is accepted.

Fieldcrest Public Space 

A red, white and blue Draper logo was selected from the Positively Eden Strategic Plan branding study to be used as a sign for this space.  The sign is large, spanning 21’ by 8’ and was installed on the right side interior wall.  Lighting has been ordered to highlight the sign and illuminate the area.

Bridge Street Parking

Our request to the Home Trust Endowment from the Eden Downtown Development Corporation was accepted to pursue a grant providing funding for landscaping, parking lot striping and benches for this newly renovated parking area.  A formal announcement is expected in October.


The Eden Downtown Development Corporation has selected the 2018 Main Street Champion to be announced at a later date.  The sub-committees are researching an entrepreneurship program, a vacant commercial building strategy, small scale public art installations and a beautification project.

Eden Preservation Society

The Eden Rotary Club and Eden Preservation Society continue planning and collecting artifacts for the Luther Hodges exhibit that will be developed inside the Eden Municipal Building.  A formal announcement from the Home Trust Endowment grant is expected in October. 

Get Fit Rockingham

Get Fit Rockingham 2018 ended September 15 and planning begins for next year.  We had over 1,300 participants county-wide with more than 800 here in Eden.


Cars and Coffee

The final Cars and Coffee for the year will be held on Saturday, September 29 at Family Video.  The event continues to grow larger each month.  We will host the series of meets again in the spring of 2019.

Historic Draper MSD

The Historic Draper Municipal Service District met to discuss new signage to replace the sign at the privately owned park at the corner of Stadium Drive and Fieldcrest Road.  They chose to research the sign further and focused additional discussions on upcoming outdoor events. 

The Boulevard

A Cars and Crabs event will be held November 10 and a multicultural festival October 13 as well as a Halloween parade October 31. 

New Restaurant

The new owner of the former Buick dealership building on the corner of Patrick and Washington Street continues working to place a restaurant in the building.

Former Full Moon Saloon

The buildings new owners plan to finish renovations to the outside of the structure this month.

Engineering Department


Street Resurfacing Project Updates:

The FY 2018-19 Street Resurfacing Contract, No. 1 was completed by Waugh Asphalt, Inc. on August 30.  The following streets were repaired and resurfaced: Cedar Street, Haled Street, Price Street, West Avenue, Early Avenue, Ayden Road, Kendall Street, Spring Street, Sunset Drive, Arbor Lane, Oakridge Drive, Oleander Drive, Carolina Avenue and May Street.  The pay application was received on September 11.  The total cost of the contract was $494,036.40.  Our next street resurfacing contract is tentatively scheduled to start construction in the spring of 2019.


Knight Street - Maintenance Acceptance:

The Oaks Homeowner’s Association had the private section of Knight Street repaired and resurfaced by Waugh Asphalt in August bringing the roadway up to city specifications.  The work was inspected and approved by city staff.  The Homeowner’s Association will be submitting a request seeking the City Council’s approval to accept the maintenance on Knight Street from Oleander Drive to Laurelwood Drive sometime later this month.

 Waterline Replacement Projects Update

Revised plans for the Morehead Street 2” water line replacement project was received on August 29.  Draft bid and contract documents have been prepared and should be finalized by September 21. Hydrant flow data was submitted for use by Stoltzfus Engineering, Inc. in preparation of the engineer’s report, and one change requested to be made during preparation of the final plan drawing.  A tentative bid opening date is set for October 18.

A proposal from Alley, Williams, Carmen & King, Inc. was approved on August 10 for preparation of plans for about 750 feet of 6-inch diameter water main on Jackson Street, north of W. Moore Street.  A preliminary plan layout was received on August 30, with a few discussions and exchanges of sketches for the proposed tie-in at the intersection taking place over the next week.  Preparation of the preliminary plan and profile set of drawings is taking place now, along with preparation of an easement plat for a small portion of one lot.

Preliminary plans for installing about 300 feet of 2-inch diameter PVC water main along Ridge Avenue west of N. Hale Street are about 75% complete.  Draft bid and contract documents have been prepared.  Both are expected to be finalized by engineering department personnel by September 25, although a tentative bid opening date has not been established.

Fire Department

The Eden Fire Department hosted the citizen’s academy on August 26.  The Participants were treated to a PowerPoint presentation by Tommy Underwood, Fire Chief that included the location of the city’s fire stations and a description of the apparatus housed at each of the fire stations.  The capabilities of the department were discussed and the staffing of each station. Demonstrations of the various equipment were presented along with a fire extinguisher stimulator and fire safety tips for the home.    

Municipal Services Department

 Klyce Street River Access and Draper Landing River Access

The City of Eden has been awarded a $100,000 Duke Energy Water Resources Fund Grant for the development of a new river access at the Klyce Street and for improvements to the Draper Landing river access.  We are currently in the process of preparing to reinstall the steps at the Draper Landing river access and are completing the necessary surveying work for the property at Klyce Street in preparation for this project. 

Recycling Improvements

We are currently evaluating our recycling operations at the six (6) drop port sites as well as our recycling center.  We hope to make some recommendations for City Council’s review and consideration in the near future.

Bridge Street Washout

Staff is currently in the process of repairing the wash out on Bridge Street that occurred due to the heavy rains.  Once all of the necessary repairs have been made the road will be reopened to traffic.

 Fleet Maintenance Work Orders

The Fleet Maintenance Division generated 251 work order for repairs and preventive maintenance to the fleet during the course of the past month.  In addition, they are currently working on getting quotes for new equipment that was included in the FY 2018-19 budget and setting up demos with different vendors so the operators can decide which is the best brand for the job.  

Parks & Recreation Department


Parks & Recreation Grant

In the recently approved state budget the NC General Assembly included $500,000 in funding for Eden to use towards Parks and Recreation.  This $500,000 grant will be used to help build the new Splash Pad complex that will be constructed within Freedom Park.  Special thanks to Senator Phil Berger for his efforts and support in obtaining these funds for our community.  On August 21 the City Council awarded a contract for the development of the Splash Pad to VORTEX and a purchase order was issued on August 27.  VORTEX is currently working on construction documents and we anticipate that construction will begin sometime in October of this year.  A RFQ for Design/Build Construction of a bath house was sent out on August 29 and the RFQ’s are due to be submitted to the City for consideration by 2:00 pm on October 2.  For more information concerning this project please contact Johnny Farmer, Director of Parks, Recreation, Facilities and Grounds at

Community Accents Program & Parks & Recreation Radio Program

Staff participated in the Community Accents Program with WLOE (Wonderful Land of Eden) radio on August 22 and will be participating in the same program on October 12.  In addition, staff participated in the Parks & Recreation Radio Program with WLOE on September 14 and will be participating in the same program on September 26 to update the public on our recreational program offerings during the months of October and November.  We remain involved in these community outreach efforts in an effort to update residents about the programs being offered by our Parks & Recreation Department.

Mill Avenue Swimming Pool 

The Mill Avenue Swimming Pool closed for the 2018 season on September 3 and will re-open for the 2019 season during Memorial Day Weekend in 2019.


Concert in the Park Series & Cruise 

A Concert in the Park/Cruise in event was held on August 25.  The next Concert in the Park/Cruise in event will be held  

September 29 beginning at 5:30 pm in Freedom Park. These events will be held on the last Saturday 

of each month through October 2018.  For more information please call 336-623-2110 Extension 

3030 or email Ms. Georgette Spence at


Be Healthy Rockingham County 

Staff continues to be involved with Be Healthy Rockingham.  They attended the Be Healthy Rockingham meeting held on September 12 and will attend the one scheduled for October 10.

Softball Tournaments

There are softball tournaments scheduled at Freedom Park on September 22 – 23, September 29 – 30, October 6-7, and October 13-14.  These events bring visitors to our community who often end up spending money that helps our local economy.

 Matrimony Creek Greenway Nature Trail

The Matrimony Creek Greenway/Nature Trail is now complete.  Staff requested funds from the $300,000 Strategic Planning lump sum allocation included in the FY 2018-19 budget for the pavement of the parking lot at this facility as well as funding for an amenities package that will include: trailhead markers, kiosk, cedar benches, information/educational panels, trash cans, ¼ mile markers and bollards.  The Strategic Planning Commission voted at their meeting in August to recommend the allocation of these funds and this request is being submitted to the City Council for their formal consideration during their meeting on September 18.


Bridge Street Tennis Courts Resurfacing Project

The resurfacing of the Bridge Street Tennis Courts is scheduled to begin sometime in late September or the first part of October, depending on the weather.

Planning & Inspections Department


GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Maps have been printed and provided to the Eden Police Department as requested for preparation of Hurricane Florence.


622 Washington Street

Beginning on August 17, we have begun receiving bids on the 622 Washington Street property.  The first bid was advertised and an upset bid received on September 4.  This bid has been advertised and can be upset until 4:30 pm on September 19.  Bids received before the 19th will be held and opened after the closing of the bid process.  Once a bid has stood for 10 days, it will be placed on the City Council agenda.  At that time, the Council can accept or reject any offers received or withdraw the property from sale.                   

 Community Appearance Commission

Staff prepared minutes and an agenda for the regular meeting scheduled for September 4.  We had planned to discuss what the Commission can do in advance of RiverFest to “spruce up” the downtown area (re-do planters, pick up trash, etc.). Unfortunately, only 2 Commission members showed up, so the meeting was adjourned.

 Historic Preservation Commission

The commission met on August 20 to discuss a recommendation to the State Historic Preservation (SHP) organization that the First Baptist Church be removed from the National Register due to the steeple replacement.  A letter from the Commission to the SHP stating the Commission recommends removal from the register was prepared as requested by the City’s Historic Preservation Commission. 


Police Department

The Eden Police Department has scheduled CPR and AED Training for the entire department for the month of October 2018. The CPR training will re-certify all officers within the Eden Police Department.  This training will also include training for the new AED units purchased this year.  

Deputy Chief Clint Simpson is scheduled to attend the first session of the UNC School of Government Municipal and County Administration Course during September 18-21 2018.  

Chief of Police Greg Light and Deputy Chief Clint Simpson will be attending the Shepherds and Shields lunch meeting scheduled for October 16. 


We would like to congratulate and welcome Michael Langel on his employment with the City as a Police Officer I.  Officer Langel was sworn in by Mayor Hall on September 12. 

Public Utilities Department

Sewer Collection System Annual Performance Report

The Sewer Collection System Annual Performance Report was submitted to the state of North Carolina during the course of the past month.  We are very proud to announce that this is the eighth year in a row that we have reported no violations from our wastewater treatment plant, and the total overflow volume from the collection system was much lower than previous reports.  A copy of this report is available on our website and a summary of this report will be included in the next edition of Eden’s Own Journal.  Congratulations to Terry Shelton, Director of Public Utilities, Ms. Melinda Ward, Superintendent of Wastewater Treatment and the staff at the Wastewater Treatment Plant for the excellent work they continue to do on a daily basis.


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