Posted on: April 11, 2018

City Manager's April Report


City Manager’s Report – April 2018

Proposed Budget for FY 2018-19

Copies of the proposed budget for FY 2018-19 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019) were distributed to the Mayor and each member of City Council on Monday, April 9.  In addition, a complete copy of the budget document has been placed on file with the City Clerk and is available for public inspection during normal business hours from now until the May 15 public hearing.

The City Council will hold a budget work session on the proposed budget at the end of their agenda during the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 17 at 6 p.m.

Executive Summary

  • The combined budgets for fiscal year 2018-19 are balanced and equal $33,332.200, which is an increase of $78,400 or 0.24% when compared to the current budget.

  • On February 24, 2018 the City Council met for its annual budget/planning retreat.  According to the priorities submitted and discussed by the Mayor and members of City Council, the funding priority themes for FY 2018-19 include:

                                        Economic Development Initiatives

                                        Parks & Recreation Initiatives

                                        Infrastructure Improvement Initiatives

                                        Positively Eden Strategic Plan Initiatives

                                        Code Enforcement & Nuisance Abatement

It should be noted that funding to some degree or another for each of these identified and discussed priority themes has been included in the budget as submitted.  It was also requested that the budget be submitted, if possible, without any increase in the City’s current tax rate or water and sewer rates.

  • The budget does not increase the current tax rate of $0.609 per $100 assessed property valuation.  A comparison of the existing tax rates currently being charged by surrounding governmental entities is as follows: Eden $ 0.609; Rockingham County $0.696; Madison $ 0.73; Stoneville $ 0.69; Mayodan $ 0.63; Wentworth Not Applicable; Reidsville $ 0.74

  • The budget does not increase the water rates, sewer rates or monthly residential solid waste fee.

  • The budget does not increase the motor vehicle license fee of $15.00 per licensed vehicle.

  • The budget includes a flat $700 increase in compensation for all full-time employees.

  • The budget includes funding for 181 full-time employees.  This is a reduction of 3 full-time positions since October 2015.  This full-time employment level compares favorably to the 203 full-time positions that were funded in FY 1995-96, and the 189 full-time positions that were being funded during FY 2000-01.

  • The budget includes $1,000,000 in contingency funds (General Fund $500,000 and Water & Sewer Fund $500,000) for unanticipated expenditures and/or unforeseen declines in revenue.

  • The FY 2018-19 spending plan includes the allocation of $1,000,000 in available fund balance (General Fund $500,000 and Water & Sewer Fund $500,000).  Without the appropriation of $1,000,000 in contingency funds as noted above, there would not have been a need to allocate any fund balance.

  • Approximately $38,201,955 in work related to the EPA Administrative Order Consent (AOC) ($31,134,055) to eliminate Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and the Berry Hill Mega Park Project ($7,067,900) to extend waterlines to the NC/VA state line will dominate much of our time over the next four years.

  • A lump sum allocation of $300,000 for additional undesignated initiatives related to the continued implementation of the Positively Eden Strategic Plan is included in the budget.

  • Funding is included for the following items

              $4,760,900 for capital outlay items – several of which, are related to the Positively Eden Strategic Plan:

                            General Fund – $1,543,600               

                            Powell Bill/Street Resurfacing – $856,700

                            Water & Sewer Fund – $2,360,600

              $2,831,800 in loan proceeds for twenty-four different items/initiatives.

              $2,769,600 for debt service payments:

                             General Fund – $820,100                  

                             Water & Sewer Fund – $1,949,500

             $1,307,900 in revenue from the following grants/principal forgiveness loans to help fund various projects and initiatives:

                              Rockingham County Aging, Disability & Transit Services (RCATS) Grant for the Skat Bus Operations –  $127,800.

                              Duke Energy Water Resources Fund Grant for the Klyce Street/Draper River Access Points/Landings – $100,000.

                              Community Oriented Policing Services Grant the Help Fund Two Additional Police Officers – $83,100.

                              North Carolina Commerce Rural Infrastructure Authority Grant for the New Street Sewer Improvements Project –


               $262,000 in funding to pay for the City’s obligations in reference to performance agreements with four local industries:
               Gildan, SGRTEX, Karastan, and Innofa.      

               $162,800 for code enforcement efforts including demolitions and nuisance abatements and $40,000 in funding for part-time
               employees who will focus on picking up litter and debris to improve community aesthetics.

               $124,100 in funding to continue supporting a number of community-wide organizations, events and initiatives.

Please refer to the Budget Message for comprehensive information concerning the FY 2018-19 budget. A copy of the complete budget message can be found on the City’s web page in the document center for your review and information. It can be accessed directly via this link: https://www.edennc.us/DocumentCenter/View/10401 .  A public hearing and adoption of the FY 2018-19 budget will be held during the City Council’s regular meeting on May 15 at 6 p.m.

Eden Youth Council – Update

The Eden Youth Council has decided to host an elementary school kickball tournament for the Eden elementary schools: grades 3-5. They have solicited permission from the Central Office and have been asked to come to an administrators meeting with all K-5 principals in attendance to present this event. The Youth Council advisors will be in attendance as well as the student Youth Council committee in charge of this event. The event is scheduled to be held on May 5, beginning at 120 p.m. on the fields at Freedom Park. The Youth Council will provide pizza and Gatorade for the kids. Registration fee is $5, all of which will all go to the winning school's PE department. Youth Council members will also be visiting all of the elementary schools in Eden in order to attend an assembly and put on a skit to encourage more participation. Members of the Youth Council will serve as coaches and score keepers for this event with staff from the Parks & Recreation Department serving as referees and umpires.

Economic & Tourism Development Department

NC Works Online

As of Monday, April 2, there were 807 available jobs in Rockingham County. Notable companies that are currently hiring include:

            Cone Health: 83

            RC Schools: 59

            UNC Rockingham Healthcare: 46

            Food Lion: 25

            McDonald’s Corporation: 21

KDH Defense Systems 

This Eden company has officially merged with Armor Express, a manufacturer and distributor of high-performance body armor solutions based in Central Lake, Michigan. By joining forces, the companies now serve the U.S. Armed Forces, Department of Defense, federal and domestic law enforcement professionals, and various international agencies across the world. KDH is one of the prime manufacturers of protective gear for the Department of Homeland Security and has several contracts with other federal agencies, in addition to its long-standing heritage as one of the largest suppliers of body armor systems to the U.S. Armed Forces.

Dave Herbener, founder of KDH, and Matt Davis, founder of Armor Express, will both serve as president of their respective organizations. KDH will continue to produce its military, government and federal law enforcement contracts at its manufacturing facility in Eden, while manufacturing of domestic and federal body armor will continue to be performed at Armor Express’ facility in Central Lake, Michigan.


¼ Cent Sales Tax Campaign

A campaign has been initiated by the Citizens FOR the one-fourth cent sales tax to Benefit RCC Committee. Civic, church, emergency services and other groups have been contacted. Several RCC graduates were interviewed to provide their stories of how RCC helped launch their careers. They included graduates of the cosmetology, basic law enforcement and business administration programs. The vote on this referendum is May 8.

Rock-A-Top Apprenticeship Program

Twenty Rockingham County students have been accepted into the Rock-A-Top Apprenticeship program. They will work with local companies while attending high school. At the end of the program, the students will have earned an Associate’s Degree in Manufacturing Technology and may continue working for the companies in which they apprenticed. This program is being pursued to supply skilled workers to area companies.


SCORE is the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, with more than 10,000 volunteers in 300 chapters. On March 21, Mayor Pro Tem Jim Burnette, Main Street Manager Randy Hunt, Chamber of Commerce President Angela Fowler, Chamber Past President Will Flynt and Director of Economic Development Mike Dougherty met with Shawn Gorman, former county employee and VP of SCORE Greensboro, to discuss starting a SCORE chapter in Eden. During his time in the county, Shawn monitored about 300 new businesses starting annually. Three to four out of 10 came from Eden. 80 percent of the referrals came from the Register of Deeds where businesses normally register within the county.

Lidl Supermarket

Lidl Senior Real Estate Development Manager Hector Baez and Director of Communications Will Harwood spoke with Director of Economic Development Mike Dougherty on March 29. All communications about new store openings come through the Communications Department. Mr. Harwood remarked that he often deals with Economic Development offices in the locations in which Lidl has opened. When the Eden store is scheduled for opening, the City will be the first to know, but there is no timetable for the Eden store that has been established at this time. Mr. Dougherty reiterated that area citizens are eager for the store to open, which they appreciated. Mr. Dougherty has also sent out a Facebook request to Eden and Rockingham County citizens to visit the Lidl website and click on the “contact us” link. They can express their desire for the company to open the Eden store. On March 28, Mr. Dougherty received a call from a Triad Business Journal reporter about a Greensboro Lidl location that has been delayed. He was curious about the Eden location. It appears that they are delaying both smaller and larger market stores until they get a better feel for the respective markets in which they are located. The Triad Business Journal published an article on this topic in their March 29 online publication.


Spray Cotton Mills

Staff recently met with Faisal Khan, Spray Cotton Mills developer on Tuesday, March 27 prior to the Planning Board meeting in which they heard about and considered his proposal to turn the property into a Planned Unit Development (PUD.)  The Planning Board approved Khan’request. Khan plans 86 apartments, restaurant, an artists’ space, microbrewery and other enterprises on the property.

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

The City has been informed that this state agency has purchased the remaining Whitt Farm property located off of River Road outside of Eden. They will do a formal announcement in the near future. While the City is not sure of their exact plans, the agency has discussed installing river access points and trails on the property. It should be remembered that this property almost became a regional landfill in 2014. Thanks to efforts of several individuals and groups, including the City of Eden, we were able to work together to prevent this from happening and allocated the necessary resources to successfully fight it.

Strategic Plan – Branding Study 

The Branding Study funded through the Positively Eden Strategic Plan being conducted by Arnett Muldrow & Associates is nearing completion. The Strategic Plan branding study focus group presentation was repeated through webcast on Tuesday, April 3 for those that could not attend the original meeting. Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Arnett, Muldrow and Associates is working to finalize all of the recommendations related to this initiative.


Draper Pocket Park

A U.S. Urban Forestry grant request was submitted and grant awards will be announced in the first part of July. Drainage requirements have been determined to obtain piping and to block up the three openings on the back wall before backfilling.

622 Washington Street

Progress on the rehabilitation of 622 Washington Street is moving forward. We are pursuing plans for retail/ office space downstairs and residential use upstairs. Roof improvements is a priority as well as the replacement of the back wall. The contract document with specific items to review was sent to the engineer last week for completion. It is expected back any day now and upon review, it will be sent out for bid. Barring unforeseen issues, it is anticipated that work will be complete by the end of June.

Washington Street Parking Lot

The public notice for contract was placed in the newspaper on April 8 and on the website on April 6. Bids are due on April 17 and will be voted on by the City Council during their meeting on April 17.

Building Rehabilitation Grant 

A third and fourth Building Rehabilitation Grant request has been awarded. Pam Tiano completed a roof replacement at the former Full Moon on Monroe Street and Jean Harrington completed a façade replacement at her property which houses the Eden Museum. Another building owner has requested both the BRG and Commercial Incentive Grant information.


The EDDI board met on Monday, April 9. Discussion included the 2018 Main Street Conference in Clayton, 622 Washington Street, the Draper pocket park and the Washington Street parking lot. It was also noted that the City has applied for a U.S. Forestry Grant to assist with the Draper pocket park and if received, it will require volunteers from the EDDI and Draper merchants to assist with labor. It was also announced that advertisements for the SKAT bus bike program are running in Eden’s Own Journal currently and copy has been approved for the ad to be placed on the bus. The television commercial has been shot but not approved.

Coffee Shop

Pam Tiano is confident she has a tenant for the former Full Moon Salon building. A successful business owner plans expansion. His offerings have included gourmet coffee, specialty sandwiches and salads and a craft beer selection.

The Boulevard

The Merchants Association has elected officers, with April Blackstock as President. Their food truck rodeo will be held Saturday, April 21 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Several food trucks, vendors, live music and a bounce house are planned.

Micro Brewery

The replacement of the back wall has been delayed. The engineer’s drawings are needed before permits can be obtained.

Available Property Listings

Our available property listings have been updated on the city website, including photos.

Canadian Golfers

We would like to thank Bob Fitz and our Canadian golfer friends who were in Eden last week. The group of nearly 50 played golf in Eden and all over the region. This was their 15th year visiting
Eden every Spring. See you next year!

Fiesta in The Park

We will be conducting a Hispanic Heritage event in Grogan Park on May 8 with all of the fifth-graders in our Eden elementary schools. It will include a Mariachi band, delicious authentic food samples, piñata making, photos and lots of fun. This event is made possible by a Grassroots grant from the Rockingham County Arts Council.

Oink & Ale

Our Fourth Annual Oink & Ale event will take place along Monroe Street in Historic Downtown Eden on Saturday, May 12 from 6 to 9 p.m. It will include music by the band Chicago Rewired, a Chicago Tribute Band, along with lots of delicious food and beverages. Bring your lawn chairs and your friends and plan to have a great time. Admission is FREE.

Piedmont Pottery Festival

The 16th Annual Piedmont Pottery Festival will take place in Kingsway Plaza located at 220 W. Kings Highway on June 2 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Over 75 potters from all over North Carolina and Virginia will be there with their beautiful creations. There will be door prizes all day and demonstrations.

Eden Drive-In with UNC-TV

UNC-TV will be filming at the Eden Drive-In on Friday night, May 4. We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy a great movie under the stars and support this Eden treasure. UNC-TV is featuring our drive-in as part of a Weekend Getaway that will air later in the month. Our drive-in is only 1 of 5 in the entire state of North Carolina. See you there!

Text Messaging

We are live! Text EDENNC to 51660 and stay informed!

Economic Development Infomercial

We are beginning work on our next infomercial that will feature Rivers, Trails & Parks!

Also, our next 5 “Did You Know” videos will be coming soon!  Included below is a link to our new Economic Development Infomercial:


We have an e-newsletter! 

You can get information about upcoming local events by email through our monthly Explore Downtown newsletter. If you want to subscribe, please send your email address to godowntown@edennc.us.

2018 Major Event Dates 

Mark your calendars now! We have a fun line-up of six major events slated to take place in 2018. They are the following:

  • May 12, Oink & Ale
  • June 2, Piedmont Pottery Festival
  • July 21, Shaggin’ on Fieldcrest
  • August 9, Grown & Gathered
  • August 25, Touch-A-Truck
  • September 14 & 15, RiverFest

Watch www.ExploreEdenNC.com and our Explore Eden Facebook page for other small events such as “Movies Under the Stars”, downtown Events and so much more!

Tune in to watch “A Few Minutes with the Mayor”

Spend 15 minutes with Mayor Neville Hall on WGSR-Star News 5 as this show airs live at 6:15 p.m. the last Thursday of each month.


Please join our Explore Eden Facebook page to stay up to date on all the exciting things happening in Eden!

Engineering Department

Street Resurfacing Projects - Update

Waugh Asphalt, Inc. resumed construction on the FY 2017-18 Street Resurfacing Contract, No. 3 on April 2. Delta Contracting completed the asphalt milling on April 5. Boone Masonry adjusted 43 manholes and 23 water valves on streets to be resurfaced. Waugh Asphalt has resurfaced sections of Delaware Avenue, South Center Street, Eisenhower Court, South Hundley Drive and Hale Street already. They hope to complete the resurfacing by April 13. The shoulder reconstruction will follow as scheduling allows.

The bid opening for the FY 2018-19 Street Resurfacing Contract, No. 1 was held on April 3. We received the following bids:

Waugh Asphalt $488,072.35

Joyce Trucking & Paving $507,324.50

Adams Construction Company $596,409.35

Triangle Grading & Paving $949,044.60

Waugh Asphalt, Inc. was the low bidder.  The request to award the contract will go before the City Council for approval at their regularly scheduled meeting on May 15.

Waterline Replacement Projects Update

The Sam W. Smith, Inc. patching crew was able to get asphalt and work on March 15, 16, 19, 22, and 23 to complete the pavement repairs and patch one asphalt driveway as part of the West Arbor and Wildflower Lane Waterline Replacement project. About 54 tons of asphalt material was hauled on these days, with some not used due to the asphalt cooling off too much before it could be placed, raked and rolled. Additional seeding and mulching of the disturbed areas was done to complete work on this project. Spot seeding of areas will be needed in the coming months to establish a good ground cover along the shoulder of the streets. The fourth pay request was processed on March 21, with a payment in the amount of $15,977.60 approved. The final pay request in the amount of $3,625 was received on April 11, bringing the total project cost to $124,638.28.

Workers from Sam W. Smith, Inc. began sawing the pavement along a portion of Sunset Drive, west of Knollwood Drive, on April 5, with additional sawing done the next day. The pipe crew was able to locate the existing 6-inch diameter cast iron water main at the intersection with Knollwood Drive on April 10, then install a stainless steel tapping saddle after cutting and removing additional pavement north of the original cut in order to get away from a flanged pipe connection that was found. Due to a problem with the first tapping valve failing during a hydrostatic pressure test, the crew was not able to make the wet tap until a replacement valve was delivered after lunch. One full joint, twenty feet long, of 6-inch diameter ductile iron water main was installed to get most of the way across the intersection before the area was backfilled and tamped in order to allow normal traffic flow. The Sunset Drive 2” Waterline Replacement project is expected to be completed by May 15.

Addendum No. 1 for the Jackson Street and Farrell Street Waterline Replacement project was sent out by Alley, Williams, Carmen & King, Inc. on March 15 to clarify acceptable materials for the proposed tapping sleeve and brass service connection fittings, as well as to provide contractors with a copy of the approved encroachment agreement received from the NC Department of Transportation. The bid opening was held on March 29 with three bids being received. Sam W. Smith, Inc. was the lowest bidder with a bid price of $109,624. The other bids received ranged from $149,435 to $199,927. The approved plan package, along with an authorization to construct from the NC Public Water Supply Section was received on April 2. Contract documents for this project should be executed in the near future.

Fire Department

Huntsville Elementary School visited the Eden Fire Department on March 15 for a station tour. The 71 elementary children along with 8 adults toured the station. A presentation on the use of 911 was demonstrated along with the importance of knowing your address. Firefighters did a turnout gear demonstration, showing what a firefighter looks like when they are wearing their full protective gear, and not to be scared or hide from them in the event of your home catching on fire. Three different types of apparatus were on display and the uses of each. Individual pieces of equipment were also shown as well as the proper use of each. 

On April 6, the Eden Fire Department in conjunction with Baptist Air Care set up a landing zone for the helicopter to land in the football stadium at Morehead High School. This demonstration was conducted for the EMT program taught at the high school. This showed the students the importance of quick transport of a critically injured patient and why the fire department is used in setting up a landing zone. The students got the opportunity to look at the helicopter close up and talk to the pilot along with the flight nurses. The students could ask the firefighters and the flight crew questions about landing a helicopter on an emergency scene and other questions of interest.

Information Technology Department

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you’re worried about your financial accounts or social media sites getting hacked, the best thing you can to do protect yourself is turn on two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication (2FA), sometimes referred to as two-factor identification, is an additional layer of protection beyond your password.   It significantly decreases the risk of a hacker accessing your online accounts by combining your password (something you know) with a second factor, like your mobile phone (something you have).  Even if a hacker has your username and password, they still would not be able to access your accounts.  Many of the world’s largest websites have made 2FA readily available from the security settings of your online accounts, but it’s up to you to turn on this free feature.

How you access and turn on 2FA is different for every site or service you use.  Telesign has put together a website with tutorials on how to turn on 2FA for specific applications, online services, and social media. https://www.turnon2fa.com/ 

You can find tutorials on some of the more popular sites and services here: https://www.turnon2fa.com/tutorials/

The IT Department recommends using Authy as the second factor app.  It’s available free for both iOS and Android.

Authy for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and Mac)

Authy for Android

Google Authenticator is also a popular choice for 2FA.  It’s also available for both iOS and Android.

Google Authenticator for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and Mac)

Google Authenticator for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.authenticator2

Municipal Services Department

Dash Cameras On Refuse Collection Trucks

The City of Eden has recently installed dash cameras on the refuse collection trucks to improve efficiency and safety for the citizens as well as to document situations where refuse collection cans may or may not be out for collection when the truck arrives for collection.

Reminder - City No Longer Picks-Up Used Car Tires

The City of Eden will no longer pick up used car tires, residents must take them to the Rockingham County Landfill for disposal. This is due to a recommendation the City received from the Department of Environmental Quality and a City ordinance change that was approved by the City Council on April 18, 2017. The Landfill will accept the tires at no cost, unless it has a wheel on it, and in that event, they will charge $0.50 to remove the wheel.

Parks & Recreation Department

Community Accents Program & Parks & Recreation Radio Program

Staff will participate in the Community Accents Program with WLOE (Wonderful Land of Eden) radio on April 13 and participated in the Parks & Recreation Radio Program with WLOE on March 28 to update residents about the programs being offered by the Department during April and May.

Community Outreach Efforts

Staff made a presentation about the Parks and Recreation Department, including the new facilities at Freedom Park and the Matrimony Creek Greenway to the Eden Kiwanis Club on March 22.

Staff made a presentation to the Eden Garden Club about the Matrimony Creek Greenway Project on April 3.

Citywide Easter Egg Hunt – Bring Your Children & Grandchildren!!!

The annual citywide Easter Egg Hunt was held at Freedom Park on March 31. We had a great turnout for this very successful annual event.

Softball Tournaments

There was a Top Gun Softball Tournament at Freedom Park on March 31 and there is another one scheduled for April 14.

Opening Ceremonies of Senior Games

The Opening Ceremonies of Senior Games will take place on April 17. For more information on the Senior Games please contact Mr. Johnny Farmer, Director of Parks & Recreation at jfarmer@edennc.us.

Be Healthy Rockingham County 

Staff continues to be involved with Be Healthy Rockingham. They attended the Be Healthy Rockingham meeting on March 20 and will attend the next meeting in April.

Freedom Park Dog Park - Update

All of the components for the Freedom Park Dog Park have now been completed, with the exception of the water fountains and grounds.  We anticipate this will be completed in the near future. We plan on having a ribbon cutting/grand opening at some point during the first part of May.

Freedom Park Nature Trail Improvements / RV Pads – Update 

The improvements to the Freedom Park Nature Trail have been completed and work is continuing on the new RV Pads. We anticipate this will be completed in the near future. We plan on having a ribbon cutting/grand opening at some point during the first part of May.

Matrimony Creek Greenway Project - Update

The Matrimony Creek Greenway Project is moving forward. The parking area and restroom location has been graded and stone placed in the area. A purchase order has been issued for the construction of the restrooms. We anticipate that work will get underway on the restrooms in the near future. Staff continues to work on installing stone, gravel, and granite dust for the nature trail and this work will continue over the next sixty days. Currently, this project is on schedule to be completed by June 30.

Planning & Inspections Department

Collections – Previous & Proposed

Monthly statements were mailed to all property owners having an outstanding balance due to the City of Eden. In addition, we will follow-up on any title transfers or foreclosures. $200 has been received during the past month for outstanding code enforcement actions.

Code Enforcement – Previous & Proposed

19 notices have been mailed by certified mail and first class mail for code violations: 3 for health violations for sewage systems, 3 for zoning violations, 9 for junk violations, 2 for junk car violations and 2 orders were mailed for violation of the Minimum Housing Code. In addition, we will follow-up on all violations that have expired deadlines. In addition, five jobs were sent to our Facility & Grounds Division for abatement of junk and sight obstruction violations.

GIS – Previous & Proposed

Staff members from Planning and Inspections, Engineering and Finance continue to work on locating water meters. Since the location of the meters are not identified in x/y coordinates when they are installed, the data is not available to add to the GIS maps. Address formats used in the Finance Department are not compatible with US Postal regulations and, therefore, do not geocode with the GIS data when information is requested on water/sewer customers. Staff from Public Works have requested new sewer map books for their trucks.  Staff in the Planning and Inspections Department is updating the grid maps and are preparing to print the up to date books.

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment met on April 5 to consider a Special Use Permit for a Major Home Occupation at 980 Westerly Park Road. The Board approved the permit and wished the property owner good luck in his business.

Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission met on March 19. The Commission again discussed the steeple replacement of the First Baptist Church. Letters have been sent from the Commission as well as other historic preservation agencies regarding the historic appropriateness of the replacement steeple. The Commission also discussed updating the historic properties inventory which has not been updated in 20 years. Updates will include the current status of properties (demolished, intact, deteriorating, etc.) and new properties that might be added to the inventory. The next meeting is scheduled for April 16.

Strategic Planning Commission

An ordinance has been drafted to create the Strategic Planning Commission and rules of procedure for same. The case report was prepared for the Planning Board and considered on March 27 and recommended for approval. The City Council will consider the ordinance concerning the Strategic Planning Commission during their meeting on April 17.

Spray Cotton Mill Rezoning Request (Z-02-18)

Staff prepared the case report, maps, etc. for the requested rezoning of property from I-1 to PUD-MU (PUD-Mixed Use). This case was considered by Planning Board on March 27 and recommended for approval. The City Council will consider the rezoning request during their meeting on April 17.

Zoning Case Z-18-03

Staff prepared the case report, maps, etc. for the requested rezoning request for two properties located on NC 135 and Harrington Hwy. Request is to rezone from R-20 to BG. This case was considered by Planning Board on March 27 and recommended for approval. The City Council will consider the rezoning request during their meeting on April 17.

Special Use Case SU-18-01

Staff prepared the case report for a special use request for an antique shop located at 980 Westerly Park Rd. This case was considered by the Board of Adjustment on April 5 and was approved.

Community Appearance Commission

The Community Appearance Commission met on April 3 and would like to plan a community-wide clean-up day. Staff intends to discuss this idea with corporate partners in an effort to solicit some additional support. Staff has created an Instagram account for the City to include “Good News” of what’s happening in the community. This will include photos from around the city and highlights of events, etc…

Development Luncheon

One of the action items of the Positively Eden Strategic Plan is to encourage a dialogue between the City and the Development Community. We plan to have this meeting on May 2. It will be moderated by Tom Terrell, a well know land use attorney. The goal for this gathering is to begin the process of finding ways that the City and the Development Community can work together to promote quality development of land in our community.

Blight and Local Code Enforcement Impacts

In our Positively Eden Strategic Plan, there is a strong emphasis on local code enforcement.  Several efforts are underway to improve our program and the proposed 2018-2019 budget reflects increased spending for the current year. Along with that, we have been doing research into possible avenues to improve our ordinances or approach to local code enforcement. Director of Planning & Inspections Kelly Stultz has been reading two publications recently on the subject. The first is “Vacant Properties the True Costs to Communities” and “Implementing A Coordinated Approach to Address the Systemic Causes of Vacancy and Abandonment in High Point North Carolina”. These publications offer suggestions of a way that through GIS data and an interdepartmental committee, we might be able to identify the worst of the worst and track endangered properties. She plans to share more about these ideas in the coming months.

Ashton Way Apartments

Work in underway on the Ashton Way Apartments being constructed by Wynnefield Development on East Harris Place.

Police Department

The Eden Police Department completed the application process for the new officers. The following officers were sworn in during the last month: Andrew Kenyi, Kyre’ Keen, Anthony Lovings and Kevin Meeks. Kenyi, Lovings and Keen have been training in the investigative unit while awaiting uniforms and equipment. Kenyi and Lovings are scheduled to begin their tour with their assigned squads Friday, April 13. Meeks has submitted his two-week notice to his current employer and will begin working in approximately two weeks. 

Lieutenant Richie Jeffries started working for the Eden Police Department in September 1993. He has submitted his retirement documentation and has an official retirement date of July 1. However, his last working day will be April 12 as he begins to use his accumulated leave time. We thank him for his dedicated service and wish him the best in his retirement!

On Wednesday, March 28 through Sunday, April 1, the Eden Police Department responded to approximately six “shots fired” calls with the call at 421 Glovenia Street ending in a fatality. During the recent shootings, information from witnesses has been very limited. Chief Light posted a video to our Facebook page providing an update and requesting anyone who may have information to call the police department or Crimestoppers. The video was shared 275 times and reached approximately 19,000 people. Detectives with the Eden Police Department have been working long hours continuing to investigate the shootings and fatality. As mentioned by Chief Light in the video, schedules have been adjusted and additional officers are working to provide additional resources for the investigation and increased visibility throughout the city.

On Friday, April 13, Chief Light, Deputy Chief Simpson, Captain Edwards and school resource officers will be attending a meeting with representatives of Rockingham County Schools and the principals and assistant principals at each school in the City of Eden. During this meeting they will be discussing school safety and security with the administrators and any improvements that can be made.

Public Utilities Department

EPA AOC and Mandatory Projects to Stop Sanitary Sewer Overflows – Update

This EPA Administrative Order on Consent project includes over $33,725,000 worth of sewer improvements that will be completed in the next four years. This project is funded with a $16,660,000 principle forgiveness grant, a $15,000,000 zero percent interest loan and $2,056,600 from the City of Eden. This undertaking is a massive project that will see sewer line improvements in virtually every corner of the City.  The Water Infrastructure Section of North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources approved our Engineering Report for this work on Tuesday this week. The approval of this report clears the way for the engineering design work to move ahead. This is a large project and it will take over a 2019 to get to bidding this work out to contractors. Our design and bid specifications will be submitted for approval on or before October 1, 2018 and the approval is expected by February 1, 2019. Bidding and award of the of the project should be completed by June 1, 2019 with construction starting shortly thereafter and running through mid to late 2021. We anticipate that the EPA AOC will be completely satisfied by the April 22, 2022 deadline established by the EPA.  

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