Engaging Citizens

goal: share information effectively and regularly with personal contact,
using tools added with eden’s 2016 web site and traditional goals   


results ...

  • City Hall announcement sign: this sign was placed in 2017 to help publicize city events, such as City Council meetings and festivals.
  • City Manager Monthly Report: designed to inform citizens of current project activity within the City, the report details current projects in all departments. It is posted on this web site and runs in each monthly issue of Eden’s Own Journal.
  • Did You Know? videos: a local videographer has provided short videos of City-provided utilities and services for Eden citizens. Watch the one about the very popular Freedom Park Splash Pad here
  • Our State Magazine Eden video: This video was funded by the Strategic Plan. It shows the very best of the Eden community. You can take a look at the video here 
  • Eden at its best: Former UNC Rockingham Healthcare President Dana Weston is a sought after speaker across the state and region. While attending a 2019 event in Raleigh, NC, she related a story that illustrates how friendly and welcoming an Eden business was to her and her family. The story captures the essence of what is the best in our community. Watch Dana here


                              goal: develop and promote an eden brand
                                                                   results ...

   Eden marketing brochure: Eden attractions, such as the Eden Drive-In, trails, downtown shops and rivers are presented for visitors to our community.
   This brochure is circulated to welcome centers across the area, including southern Virginia.