Closing-Out & Damaged Merchandise Sales

Closing-Out Sale

Includes all sales advertised as, represented as or under the designation of going out of business, discontinuance of business, selling out, liquidation, lost our lease, must vacate, forced out, removal, or any other designation of like meaning.

Distress Sale

Includes all sales in which it is represented or implied that going out of business is possible or anticipated, in which closing out is referred to in any way, or in which it is implied that business conditions are so difficult that the seller is forced to conduct the sale.

Obtaining a License

No person shall advertise or offer for sale in the city a stock of goods, wares or merchandise under the description of closing-out sale or a sale of goods, wares or merchandise damaged by fire, smoke, water or otherwise or a distress sale unless he shall have obtained a license to conduct such a sale from the City Clerk.

The applicant for such a license shall make application therefor in writing and under oath to the City Clerk at least seven days prior to the opening date of the sale, showing all the facts relating to the reasons and character of such sale, including the opening and terminating dates of the proposed sale, the opening and terminating dates of any previous distress sale or closing-out sale held by the applicant within the county during the preceding 12 months, a complete inventory of the goods, wares or merchandise actually on hand in the place in which such sale is to be conducted and all details necessary to locate exactly and identify fully the goods, wares or merchandise to be sold. The seller in a distress sale need not file an inventory.

View the Going Out of Business Sales or Close Out Sales Application (PDF).