Industrial Resources

Eden is an abundant city of untapped commercial potential. There are many incentives for prospective industry to be a part of what has become a global and diversified economy. Many award winning, international companies have a base in Eden and utilize resources such as our two large rivers, the Dan and the Smith. Workforce education has seen recent innovation at Rockingham Community College, creating a large community of skilled workers. With our low cost labor market, friendly culture, and dependable supply of cost-effective natural resources, it’s easy to see why Eden, NC is one of the most business-friendly places in the state.

7 Million Gallons of Water Per Day

Eden is located between two large rivers, the Smith and the Dan, making water our premier asset. In fact, 7 million gallons of water per day is available to prospective industry in the city of Eden. Additionally, 6 million gallons of waste water can be processed per day. As such an important commodity, this place Eden as a prime location for industries and companies who value this precious resource. Just ask MillerCoors, who has been proudly located in Eden for over 35 years and utilizes the high quality water straight from the Dan River.
River Water

A Global & Diversified Economy

Eden’s manufacturers involve textiles, floor coverings, personal protective equipment for the domestic and military market, and adult beverages. Our industrial base includes companies that span the globe, including Gildan Activewear (Montreal), Loparex (Based in NC, but with facilities in the Netherlands, India and Asia), and Innofa (headquartered in the Netherlands.) Eden’s five trucking firms include award winning companies that serve its industrial community, including one of the first liquid natural gas fueled fleet in the nation.
Manufacturing Worker

Innovation in Workforce Education

Eden is supplying skills for the growing brewing industry, having partnered with the local community college to create the Rockingham Community College Center for Brewing Sciences, the first program of its kind in the nation. Secondary and post-secondary students are being trained in aviation machining, automation systems and welding to fill the needs of the local and regional economy. Sturm, Ruger and Company, Inc. located to a neighboring community because the local community college was training students on the same equipment they employ in their operation. Custom industry training programs are always available for local firms.
Building and Landscaping