Birding Trail

Rockingham County Group

  • Lake Reidsville Recreational Park
  • Chinqua-Penn Walking Trail
  • Dan River

Dan River

The Dan River is a slow river, well suited for beginning to intermediate paddlers. The river flows past high banked slopes and floodplain forest, covering 38 river miles in Rockingham County before it flows northeast into Virginia. To plan a birding trip along the Dan, request a Rockingham County Rivers Guide at 336-623-7789, ext. 3021 or 342-8138. Paddlers along this section of the river may hear the songs of migratory and breeding songbirds during the spring and summer, including Eastern Wood-Pewee, Hooded Warbler and Summer Tanager. Also listen for the hoot of a Barred Owl, the rattle of the Belted Kingfisher, or the cries of Red-shouldered or Red-tailed Hawks overhead. Wading birds hunt along the river's edge and waterfowl may be occasionally spotted.

Please call 336-623-7789, ext. 3021 to purchase an official North Carolina Birding Trail Guide for the Piedmont Trail. The cost is $20.