City Clerk


The City Clerk serves as the direct link between the citizens and their government and is the historian of the community and its people.

The City Clerk's Office:

  • Maintains the permanent public records for the City of Eden
  • Serves as the custodian of all minute books, ordinance books, contracts, and other official city records
  • Records all actions taken by the City Council
  • Prepares and distributes City Council agendas and minutes of the meetings
  • Provides secretarial assistance to the Mayor and members of Council and the City Manager.
The City Clerk also serves as the Webmaster for the City of Eden Governmental Website and the city's government Facebook page.

Deputy City Clerk

Deanna Hunt, Certified Municipal Clerk

The Deputy City Clerk assists the City Clerk, City Manager, Mayor & City Council

Additional Duties include

  • Payroll
  • Graphic Design

Useful Documents