Mebane Bridge Treatment Facility

Wastewater Plant 2014 schematic


  • 13.5 MGD


  • Receives Force Main flows from the Junction Pump Station, the Covenant Branch Pump Station, and the Industrial Park Pump Station.
  • Influent flow is measured by a Parshall Flume.
  • Septic Waste Receiving Pump Station located before the Parshall Flume.


  • Two Mechanical Bar Screens with 1 inch clear openings.

Grit Removal

  • One chain and bucket type grit collector.
  • Aeration System with two Positive displacement blowers.
  • One collection hopper for Transport to Landfill.

Extended Aeration

  • Two Aeration Basins with a 7 MG volume each.
  • Each Basin will have: Twelve 20 HP brush aerators and three Solar powered floating mixers.
  • Retention Time Approximately 24 hours at 13.5 MGD flow rate.
  • Two flow splitter boxes to regulate flow to clarifiers.
  • Two 90 Ft. diameter clarifiers; Siphon feed, Peripheral effluent, and suction type sludge collectors.
  • Two 130 Ft. diameter clarifiers; Siphon feed, Peripheral effluent, and suction type sludge collectors.
  • Wet well/Dry well recirculation station No. 1 with three 1550 GPM centrifugal pumps.
  • Wet well/Dry well recirculation station No. 2 with three 3125 GPM centrifugal pumps.
  • Two 800 GPM Submersible Waste Activated Sludge Pumps.


  • Two V-notch 500 lb/day Automatic Chlorinator w/flow proportional controllers.
  • Automatic Switchover with vacuum regulator.
  • Dual Ton Cylinder Weight Scale.
  • One V-notch 500 lb/day Manual Chlorinator.
  • One flash mixing chamber with turbine type mixer for a 14,000 GPM chamber flow.
  • Three 74,000 gallon baffled chlorine contact basins.

Chemical Feed

  • Storage Tank for Polymer and associated feed pumps
  • Storage Tank for Sodium Bisulfite and associated feed for Dechlorination


  • Sodium Bisulfite is used for Dechlorination
  • Located in common trough for all three chlorine contact basin effluents.

Aerobic Sludge

  • One 2.3 MG Basin


  • Four 20 HP brush aerators.
  • Wet well/Dry well decant station.
  • Two 300 GPM Centrifugal pumps.
  • Decant pumps to the recirculation wetwell.

Wet Well/Dry Well Waste Sludge Pumping Station

  • Two 150 GPM centrifugal pumps.
  • Pumps sludge to Sludge Holding Lagoon or day tank at Dewatering Building.

Sludge Dewatering & Disposition

  • One 2.0 meter Belt Filter Press rated at 2000 pounds/hour.
  • One 50,000 gallon sludge storage tank.
  • One covered, concrete 14,800 square feet dewatered sludge storage shelter.
  • Two 2 MG Sludge Holding Lagoons (Currently unused)
  • Five Sludge Drying Beds (Currently unused)
  • One Gravity Decant Dewatering Line
  • One Pump Assisted Gravity Decant Dewatering Line Decant water returns to recirculation wetwell
  • Sludge is Land Applied by Contracted Company