Fall Leaf Collection

Collection Time Period

The Street Department handles all leaf collection from the 2nd week of October to the 2nd week of March. Beginning the 2nd week of March, the Solid Waste Division handles all leaf and fine yard waste collection until the 2nd week of October. Please see the Solid Waste Department for the spring/summer leaf and fine yard waste collection services.

Indian Hills Area

Garbage and Leaf Collection will be collected on Friday in the following areas:
  • Beginning at NC Highway 135 and NC 770 taking in all streets on both sides of NC Highway 135 to Harrington Highway (including all streets in Indian Hills and both sides of Brammer Road from NC Highway 135 to NC Highway 770).
  • Harrington Highway from NC Highway 135 to NC Highway 770 taking in both sides of Harrington Highway and both sides of Beddingfield Road to the dead-end on the fire department side only.
  • NC Highway 770 from Harrington Highway right side only back to NC Highway 135.

Leaf Placement

Leaves must be at curbside by 7 a.m. on your collection day. Leaves for collection should not be placed in the traveled portion of the roadway where traffic would be impeded. Place leaves at a location away from any objects such as parked cars, low hanging tree limbs, catch basins, or drainpipes. It is important that leaves are not placed in the actual ditch-line to prevent potential flooding caused by such a practice.

Removal of Foreign Objects

Sticks, rock, brick or any foreign type objects should be kept out of the leaves for pick-up as these type objects delay the collection process and can cause severe damage to the collection equipment.


Residents are encouraged to retain leaves on their property and compost when possible by implementing a "backyard composting project." Residents wanting leaves for gardening purposes should contact the City of Eden's Street Division for information on signing up for delivery of leaves by the truck load.

For additional information regarding loose leaf collection services, contact Darren Gatewood, Superintendent of the Street Division at 336-627-7783, ext. 102.