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The City's Recycling Center on Mebane Road accepts the following: Number 1 and 2 plastics, clear, brown and green glass food containers, newsprint, cardboard, aluminum, steel and tin cans, mixed paper, waste oil, auto type batteries, oil and water base paint. Your use of the recycling center helps the City meet the State mandated solid waste reduction goal. This requirement increases to 40% by 2001 and even more by 2006.

Drop Port Recycling

The City of Eden has expanded its recycling program to make recycling more accessible to the citizens of Eden. Through the expanded program, recycling now is available to residents within one mile of their residence thanks to a special grant awarded to Eden by the State of North Carolina.

The expanded recycling program known as "Drop Port Recycling" is designed to service the most common recycled items now serviced at Eden's Recycling Center located on Mebane Bridge Road. All other materials serviced through Eden's recycling program are accepted at the Full Service Recycling Center located on Mebane Bridge Road, including cardboard, waste motor oil, oil and water base paint, automotive batteries and black nursery pots. Recycled items accepted at Drop Port Centers are serviced also.

Acceptable Items for Drop Ports

The Drop Port centers will only accept the following items:
  • Aluminum and Tin Cans - Includes: Food and beverage containers, with labels removed and containers rinsed. Non-contaminated aluminum foil is acceptable. Petroleum product containers or aerosol cans will not be accepted. Mixed Paper - Includes: Junk mail, office paper, light grade cardboard, magazines, hardback books, and classroom paper. Paper must be clean and free of dirt or grease.
  • Newsprint and Advertising Inserts
  • Plastics No. 1 and No. 2 Containers - Includes: Milk and juice jugs, soft drink bottles, detergent bottles and general house cleaning products. Look for the recycling emblem on the bottom of container to identify the type of container.
Motor oil containers are not recyclable. Do not mix household trash with recyclables; it will not be accepted.

Drop Port Locations

Drop Port recycling centers are located at the following locations and are open 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

  • Site No. 1 - located on S Main Street between Meadow Road and Fieldcrest Road.
  • Site No. 2 - located behind Eden City Hall and Police Department.
  • Site No. 3 - located on Orchard Drive off Morgan Road (Spray Nutrition Site parking lot).
  • Site No. 4 - located at J-Mart on Virginia Street at intersection of E Aiken Road.
  • Site No. 5 - located in the Oak Street and The Boulevard area.
  • Site No. 6 - located in Municipal Parking lot, S Henry Street across from Karastan
Notice: Waste Management provides curb side recycling for area businesses. Contact Robin Mumert at 336-531-3208.