Bulk Waste

Bulk Waste - Collected Once Weekly

Wood Collection Information

  • Brush and clean wood deriving from tree trimming and tree removal are collected by the city.
  • Do not place wood near low-hanging limbs, power lines or behind parked cars.
  • Maximum of one load per residence collected weekly. Additional loads can be collected at additional cost.
  • Pile wood straight with large ends facing the roadside.
  • Size Restrictions: Up to 12 inches in diameter, maximum of 8 feet.12 inches to 24 inches in diameter, maximum length 4 feet.
  • These materials are now ground up and recycled by the city. They are prohibited by law from sanitary landfills.

Building Materials

Separate building demolition materials from brush and clean wood. Scrap lumber and demolition materials are collected as a special collection upon request by the owner according to the established fee. Contractor waste is non-serviceable by the city.


White goods (appliances) metal and general refuse including old mattresses and furniture must be separated. They will not be collected unless separated and piled in sections at the roadside.
White goods and metal items require special processing and now must be recycled.


  • Wood wastes from vacant lot clearing are not collected by the city except quantities not exceeding 2 cubic yards.
  • Large stumps, rock, concrete, dirt, brick and land clearing debris are not collected by the city. Small stumps not exceeding 12 inches diameter at base of tree with dirt removed are collected when properly prepared for collection by owner.
  • Small amounts of roofing materials, shingles, felt, etc., must be placed in boxes or other disposable containers to be collected. Material amount and container size should be no more than 75 pounds. Contractor roofing wastes must be disposed of by the Contractor.