1. Accommodations


    See details on hotel, taxi and shuttle as well as airport services in and around Eden.

  2. Active Living

    Active Living

  3. Agri-Tourism


    See some of the agricultural tourist destinations in the area.

  4. Historical Tourism

    Historical Tourism

    Come face to face with Eden’s history. You can discover yesteryear along the back roads and riverbanks, as well as in the splendid architecture of some of the older homes, mills and bridges.

  5. Nature-Based Tourism

    Nature-Based Tourism

    Whether you paddle, pedal, tie on your walking shoes, or drive the back roads, there are outdoor adventures aplenty in and near Eden. From our riverside greenway to the wildlife that still flourishes in our woodlands, in Eden, it’s easy to slip away from civilization – and just as easy to get back.

  6. Sports Tourism

    Sports Tourism

    Find out more about some of the sports tourism sites in Eden.

  7. Tourism Coordinator

    Tourism Coordinator

    Read about tourism development initiatives of the city, special events / projects, and coordination of projects for the various departments within the City of Eden,